A lone photojournalist exposes the madness.

Evil Clowns and Radical Ringmasters of the Anti-Capitalist Revolution in Denver

Community  Organizers are waging Astroturf Lawfare in Colorado

Denver, November 2, 2011 – by El Marco

What follows is a close look at the leftist lawfare campaign of uncivil agitation as it unfolded in Denver last week. Denver, like other cities that have Occupy manifestations, is faced by a core of protesters from anarchist groups, labor unions, and communist organizations, often obscuring their affiliations, mixed in with a mishmash of confused students, concerned citizen activists, children, and all sorts of evil clowns.

Hello. My name is 99%.   This fifteen year old was among a group of seven ranging from age 13 to 18 years young.

We have all heard the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) described as a grassroots movement. We have been told that it just sprang up after Adbusters, a Canadian left-wing magazine, floated the idea on the internet. The Dominant Liberal Establishment Media (DLEM) has continued repeating this implausible propaganda line since September, despite emerging evidence that OWS has actually been orchestrated by a who’s who list of American radical extremists. It has become clear that Adbusters is just one of a host of leftist organizations, supported by the Tides Foundation and/or George Soros, that have been jointly planning the OWS movement since at least February 2011.

Last week, Occupy Chicago protesters stormed City Hall to let Mayor Rahm Emanuel know their displeasure in the recent arrests of the Occupy campers at Grant Park on Michigan Avenue. They were lead by radical anti-war activists Joe Iosbaker (SEIU) and Andy Thayer, who we have reported on in the past for their ongoing investigations by the FBI. In September of 2010 they were targeted for suspicion of providing material support to Hamas, the F.A.R.C. and other terrorist organizations. Hat Tip: Rebelpundit

Names like Stephen Lerner (SEIU) or Wade Rathke (ACORN founder) are among those exposed as main strategists behind OWS. Stephen Lerner said of OWS events, “It’s a confluence of planned and unplanned demonstrations…. We (radical organizations) build on each other. We go ping-ponging back and forth.”

Also, Dave Swanson, a former communications director for ACORN, said: “we’re planning to model our behavior on the actions that happened earlier this year in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, in Tunisia, and the actions you see in Spain and Greece and countries around the world when governments get even a fraction as bad as ours has gotten.”

Also, AFL-CIO trained anarchist, Lisa Fithian, is the top street-level organizer of the Occupy Wall Street movement. As a longtime community organizer and direct-action agitator, she was a key organizer of the violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle. Fithian famously said: “When people ask me, ‘What do you do?’ I say I create crisis, because crisis is that edge where change is possible.”

And David Fenton, who has ties to the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama, has been shown to be involved in promoting OWS marches. Fenton Communications has created public relations strategies for communist countries. Fenton was the photographer for Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist organization in the 1970s and served on the board of the Chicago Woods fund with Ayers and Obama, where they doled out 200 million dollars to radical organizations.

OWS is the culmination of a process that surfaced at the One Nation rally in Washington, D.C. in October, 2010. The Democrat Party invited a long list of labor unions and communist organizations to publicly support the Obama administration. I photographed and wrote at the time:  “The lines between the Democratic Party, labor unions, socialist and communist organizations, were blurred at the One Nation Working Together rally at the Lincoln Memorial … . Organized by One Nation Working Together, which is headed by the cream of the Dem crop at the Democratic National Committee. The rally was a showcase for the most radical elements of the Democrat party base. This movement also has its roots in the 2009 astroturf campaign organized by Obama For America/Organizing for America and labor unions to bully and intimidate the Tea Party movement.


Viva la Revolucion. This little clown, wearing the cop-killer Guy Fawkes mask made popular in the movie V for Vendetta, told me he is just thirteen years old. I have photographed many children at the Occupy Denver rallies. They are brought by parents, or often grandparents, and I could devote an entire essay to this theme alone.

In this case, these kids deferred to the man with the pony-tail who can be seen here carrying astroturf signs wrapped in a black plastic bag. Small astroturf operations like this can be seen throughout every rally. For me, this is a shocking insight into the lengths to which radicals will go to indoctrinate children. I don’t know who this adult is, I just hope he’s not their school teacher.

OCCUPY THE WORLD This 17 year-old is another member of the children’s troupe. As of October 15, the Occupy movement became a global movement with violent rallies in many cities in North America, Europe and Asia. In Rome that day, the Occupy protesters injured forty policemen, some severely, and also attacked ATMs and banks with their firebombs, iron bars and sledgehammers.

“On October 15, 2011, OWS rallies were held in more than 900 cities around the world, with violence breaking out most notably in Rome, where tens of thousands of demonstrators converged. According to a Reuters report: “Hundreds of hooded, masked demonstrators rampaged in some of the worst violence seen in the Italian capital in years, setting cars ablaze, breaking bank and shop windows and destroying traffic lights and signposts.” Meanwhile, 175 protesters were arrested in Chicago and 92 were arrested in New York.” – Discoverthenetworks.org

Tim Holland, a rapper, addressed a crowd of 600 before the Oct 22 march. His remarks are a typical sampling of Occupy speech:

How many of you are all upset about the massive inequities in America? How many of you are tired of our overseers waging wars around the world? This must end. We want a living wage. We want to live like human beings. … This global occupation movement is the first populist movement in the U.S. since the ’30s, since the ’60s, this is a struggle that has been going on since civilization began, the people of the world are united, and they have tried to divide us, through race-baiting, through class warfare, through splitting us up between sexual preferences, religions, but look around you. Are you prepared for the long struggle that we have ahead of us? Because corporate America will not go easily. It is equivalent to the Civil War, to the Civil RIghts movement of the ’60s.”

Another speaker intoned about the infighting between anarchists and socialists, which has been a feature of the movement in New York from the start. Socialists naturally want to tell everybody exactly what to do and the anarchists just want to … well… be anarchists. Behind-the-scenes meetings apparently produced some concessions to mollify the anarchists and make them fall into line just a little.

In Denver on October 22, it was announced that anarchists were awarded “security positions”.

OWS Marxist-Leninists produced this poster in October, showing entwined anarchist and communist symbols in the upper left and European peasant-workers, standing arms linked, in early 20th century garb. If these OWS anarchists knew any history, they wouldn’t go anywhere near the communists. I suggest they do a little reading about Nestor Makhno and his anarchist army in Ukraine. However, the poster illustrates the thorniness of the issue for OWS, and is an attempt to quell infighting in the ranks.

Occupy Denver marching with anarcho-syndicalist flag. The red and black flag is a symbol of anarcho-syndicalist and anarcho-communist co-operation, black being the traditional color of anarchism, and red being the traditional color of socialism. Amazingly, these are the building blocks of the Occupy movement, a reality which the mainstream press glosses over as they carry water for the Obama administration and the left in general.

On October 14, 2011, the website BigGovernment.com reported that it had succeeded in acquiring a vast email archive (more than 3,900 emails) containing “messages shared by the left’s anarcho-socialist activists during the strategic and daily tactical planning of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and broader ‘Occupy’ campaign this fall.” These emails document what BigGov describes as the extensive “involvement of socialists, anarchists, and other radicals” in the OWS movement, along with the “heavy union involvement from the beginning of the ‘Occupy’ movement, as well as discussion about the role of the Democratic Party, and how the movement should respond to President Barack Obama.” Further, the emails show that OWS’s objectives are to promote extreme levels of economic and governmental destabilization; to create social unrest throughout the democratic world; and to form alliances with other radical causes, including the anti-Israel movement.

A number of the OWS emails give evidence of a “Trojan Horse” strategy designed to deceive the public about the Occupy movement’s real agendas. As OWS organizer John McGloin put it:

“[F]irst you get large numbers of people to join by showing how reasonable you are. Then when the numbers are big enough, they will feel their oats, get impatient, and start demanding more than you could have imagined. (Never underestimate mob mentality.) But if you talk about overthrowing governments, capitalism or wholesale changes, most of the 99% will be scared off, and we’ll never have the power we need to affect real change. In order to fight the global corporations I estimate we need a minimum of 15 million Americans on the street. There are not 15 million radical socialist/anarchists in the US.  We need people without political agendas, but with anger at corporations.” – Discoverthenetworks.org

This is the heart of Occupy Denver utopian community, which was cleared out and evicted by police from Civic Center Park a week earlier. I don’t know the details of who allowed them to re-Occupy the park, but it certainly didn’t take long for them to turn it into a reasonable facsimile of a garbage dump.

This is the utopian free clothing and stuff collection and distribution department. All of this mess is directly across from the western entrance to Colorado’s State Capitol Building.

This is “Krusty’s kitchen”, which is named after the misanthropic evil clown of The Simpsons cartoon show. Yes, it stinks (not only of cannabis,) and yes, the people doing the food handling are vagrant-scented, but hey, a utopia has never been built in a week, and there are no reports of rats … yet.

Since everything in this utopia is done on a volunteer basis, some things just don’t get done, like keeping things neat and orderly for example.

This photograph was taken at noon, next to the kitchen on the sidewalk across from the Capitol Building. Note the orange armband, which marks this protester as one of the volunteer marshall/workers of the fledgeling OD community.

This photo was also taken at noon, and highlights what is so very wrong about the entire Occupy movement. Young runaways, the mentally ill, drug addicts and alcoholics, rapists and child-predators have all been causing problems at Occupy utopias in cities across America.

This literature is the only literature I’ve seen offered in my several visits to Occupy Denver. I was given four copies and a CD for free. Sorry, I haven’t had time to glean any gems to share with you. The symbol for the Leading Light Communist Organization is an AK-47 rifle, a book, and a rising sun.

What, no Howard Zinn? These people really are hard line. They had keffiyas for sale, as well as T-shirts mocking the police.

Occupy Denver participant, ready to march.

I actually recorded this comrade, and this is what he was chanting: “We want Global Equality, No More Capitalist Economy” Other oft-used chants included: “NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR! NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!”, “POLICE ARE THE ARMY OF THE RICH! POLICE ARE THE ARMY OF THE RICH!”, “1-2-3-4, WE DECLARE A CLASS WAR!”, “EL PUEBLO UNIDO NO SERA VENCIDO”, “ANTI-AH, ANTI-CAPITALISTA”, “CAPITALISM IS A SYSTEM OF DESTRUCTION”.

This guy is a permanent fixture of the Occupy Denver movement. Normally you can’t really see his face, because he is constantly yelling at the top of his lungs, incoherently. He should become the poster child for the entire movement, as they have become affectionately known to critics as flea-baggers.

DON”T JOKE WITH US WE ARE SERIOUS – OK, OK, you’re right. You evil clowns are no joke. Let’s look at some of the “serious” protesters.

If you want to know where this guy is really coming from, I’d take the red shirt as a clue. When the Soviet Union collapsed, I wondered what would become of all of the millions of radical communists in western European countries and in North America. How would they react to the implosion of everything they believed in? What would they morph into? I think I’m finally looking at the answer, as communists seek to take advantage of the economic turmoil to create a violent revolution.

More Jacobin dehumanizing and eliminationist rhetoric. This gives a peek at what is running riot in their heads. Extreme leftists crave violence and some don’t hide that fact.

This is one of many guillotine signs, complete with maniacally detailed blood dripping and pooling artwork. For brevity, I’m only including this one guillotine shot, although the others were delightful also, especially the one with the pink pig having his head chopped off while he’s eating out of a trough of money.

Khaddafy-ize, at this point in history, can only be interpreted as meaning “to execute in the street in a brutal fashion.” Here, this man advocates executing the wealthy, the Zionist bankers, the Congress and the Supreme Court, and everybody else in the 1%.

Anti-semitism has been reported coast to coast at Occupy camps and marches. This is the first significant example I have seen in Denver.


Mort Zuckerman says the door to the Occupy Wall Street movement “…was opened by the Obama administration, going after the ‘millionaires and billionaires’”.  The life-long Democrat says that “…to fan that flame of populist anger … is very divisive and very dangerous for this country.”

Violence is a big theme. I have, again, only included a few examples.

Citizen journalist Ringo the Gringo captured this communist speaker at the Occupy Los Angeles camp a few days ago, letting the cat out of the bag: after dismissing nonviolence as a dead end, he admits that for the Occupiers to achieve their goals, violence and bloodshed will be necessary:

Occupy L.A. Speaker: “One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution. Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody.

India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty. So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class. Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”


Mufti-woman is a regular speaker at Occupy Denver rallies. She is a full time, living, breathing evil clown who rants against Israel and the capitalist system into a megaphone she carries with her everywhere. The megaphone also has a very loud police style siren, which she likes to play with when she’s not getting enough attention. What is most notable about her, in my mind, is that she is accepted as a rational leader by this crowd. She fits right in, and here leads the group discussion that launched the disastrous Oct.29 march.

The crowd listens and applauds her as she screeches and acts as MC before the series of actions which culminated, by design, in mob action and violence against the police.

Many in this crowd wear the keffiyeh popularized by Marxist Arab terrorist Yassir Arafat.

On October 2, New York Magazine published the results of a poll it had conducted with 100 committed, long-term OWS protesters in New York City. …. 45 percent said that capitalism “can’t be saved” and is “inherently immoral”;  35 percent said the U.S. government is “no better than, say, Al Qaeda.” –  Discoverthenetworks.org

Mufti presented as peoples’ heroes two demonstrators who had been arrested by police, in Denver, and in New York. The first was William Hall, a.k.a. Billy “Reno,” who claims that he is a veteran Special Forces soldier who served in East Africa. It appears to those dedicated to exposing military “posers” that Reno is lying about his service.

I emailed my friend, Major Diggs Brown, a National Guard Special Forces officer (Green Beret, and author of Your Neighbor Went to War,) because I thought that this Reno character didn’t sound smart enough to be in the Special Forces. He replied that it sure looks like the guy is a poser, and pointed me to this comment thread, where Reno is busted by people who actually served in the theater and units Reno claims to have served in.

“My name is Reno. I was arrested in a tent. Right here, I was hauled out of a tent in 22 degree weather. (crowd: YAY!) I went to jail, and they wouldn’t let me have my medicine (MMJ?) so I had to hunger strike it ’til they let me out. …

The Anarchist Black Cross, and this kitchen, they’re the only people who are getting our people out of jail. So let’s have a hand for the Anarchist Black Cross (crowd: YAY! big applause + drumming) and Krusty’s Kitchen over there. Every time they see us serving food, it gets at them, ’cause they can’t charge people for it, and any time we give something away,  it gets at them, ’cause they can’t charge people for it, so what they do, is they put people in jail to try to silence this movement. We’re not going to let that happen today, are we? OCCUPY DENVER!!!”

The next heroic arrestee presented by Mufti was jailed along with hundreds of others for blocking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. She is now traveling on behalf of OWS to inspire other OWS class warriors by her virtuous example.

Mufti: “I have the pleasure and the honor of introducing this lady who was at Occupy Wall Street. She was arrested (crowd: Yay!) on the Brooklyn Bridge” (crowd: louder Yay!)

The young woman had nothing interesting to say except: “I’m happy to go to jail for it, honestly. What better way to get arrested, but for a cause?” … “I was in jail for six hours, in a holding cell, I had prison food, but it was absolutely worth it.”

Cameron Kelly also travelled from OWS in New York. She is seen here holding up the first edition of the new propaganda news-sheet, Occupied Wall Street Journal. The publication is funded by the Tides Foundation.

“I am here from OWS, I got here yesterday. I am bringing a message of solidarity from Occupy Wall Street. Our big problem in Occupy Wall Street, well we have two main issues right now that we’re really working on, and one is fracking, which I know you know about here in Colorado. They want to do fracking in New York, and we are going to put our bodies down in front of these machines that want to frack.

Second issue: police brutality. We all know what happened in Oakland, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Scott Olson. Every time we march now, we have to keep him in mind. In New York, the police are also getting out of hand … They’re starting to clamp down. They’re starting to fight back, and we’re going to fight back more! FIGHT BACK!” (big cheers from crowd)

Scott Olson is OWS’s first seriously injured martyr. He is also founder of I Hate the Marine Corps.com and an outed Jew-basher. The lawyers of OWS will use Olson, and any other person who is injured or killed in one of their orchestrated provocations, to wage propaganda and crippling lawsuits against cities, states, and law enforcement agencies. This is lawfare, and it is a central element of radical warfare against free societies.

Mica Park, an environmentalist, spoke next:

“Fossil fuel companies put profit before people and the planet.” … “This current centralized dirty energy system supports the status quo, and those in power will do anything, including destroying our planet, to keep it that way and to continue this plantation economy, where the 99% are enslaved by debt to keep the 1% rich.”

Then she started attacking my home province, Alberta, and its plans to expand oil exports to the US:

“The Keystone Pipeline is like a carbon BOMB, desecrating the earth from start to finish, we should be investing in electric transportation, light rail and cars, (big applause) … The Keystone Exxon Pipeline … in Alberta has destroyed huge amounts of land, and wasted huge amounts of natural gas and fresh water. The pipeline will go through Native American sacred grounds, through farmlands and aquifer sources, spilling along the way, to Texas so that it can be refined and shipped around the earth to be burned.  It’s a carbon bomb, raising carbon in our atmosphere to 600 parts per million. That’d be game over for the planet. Next Saturday, would you like to march with me on the Canadian consulate in Denver?” 

The art on the sign above mystified me so I asked what the long thing wrapped around the globe was. That’s the Alberta-Texas pipeline!! I was shocked that OWS environmentalists were fanning the assault on the energy sector.

Both fracking technology and the Keystone Pipeline are of utmost importance to the U.S. and Canadian economies. The positive economic impact on jobs and federal, state and provincial revenues cannot be overstated. IT’S HUGE! This is one of many areas where OWS works in tandem with the Obama administration, which is actively working through the EPA to make fracking/drilling projects and the pipeline very expensive and difficult to proceed with. Radical environmentalist organizations have immense power over corporations in this country and destroy whole industries, using environmental lawfare, and junk science. Think the spotted owl (logging) and the Delta smelt (agriculture).


My daddy has dreadlocks, and every time he draws a pipeline it looks like a joint. SHEEESH!! This kid doesn’t stand a chance. Maybe tomorrows eco-terrorist?

Occupy Wall Street is not just about bankers on Wall Street and their fat bonuses. OWS is about attacking every sector and industry listed on the stock exchanges that radicals do not approve of. Energy, manufacturing, financials, and agriculture have all been under attack by lawfare and lunatic over-regulation for a very long time. Now the gloves are off, and these eco-warriors and their anarchist buddies want to destroy it all to “save the earth.”

P. J. O’Rourke wrote metaphorically of throwing the communists out the front door (collapse of Communism in eastern Europe) and having them crawl back in through the window as environmentalists (green movement) and OWS is providing yet more evidence. After all, their stated goal is collapsing the capitalist system and they aren’t kidding. What better way to do it than attack every productive sector and force industries out of business or out of the country? Their vaunted concern for jobs is just another lie.

 The leading vanguard of OD marches is a constantly changing affair. From time to time, anarchists usurp the lead, en masse, from establishment OD marchers led by El Comandante. This is often comical, and results in some verbal spats and tensions, mostly on the part of El Comandante and his immediate subordinates. The anarchists appear to be less uptight than the socialists, and seem to genuinely enjoy the tussle.

Tanner Spendley, known on this blog as El Comandante, exalts as he jockeys his forces to overtake the anarchists who have temporarily seized the vanguard as they approach Denver’s Federal Reserve.

Because Spendley (above, with fists raised) behaves in public like the Maximum Leader of the “leaderless” OD marches, I dubbed him “El Comandante” in my previous article. The person in orange, I dubbed “Drill Sergeant,” based on her behavior. Spendley has become one of OD’s most recognizable spokespersons and regularly leads marchers from Civic Center Park to the Federal Reserve and back to the park, where he barks orders directing the civil disobedience du jour.

On Oct. 22, El Comandante ordered marchers to block Broadway, the main thoroughfare between Civic Center Park and the State Capitol, blocking traffic in downtown Denver.

Part of the O.D. marching ritual is to occupy the plaza in front of Denver’s Federal Reserve, and do revolutionary chanting and speechifying. Paulistinians (Ron Paul) trade off the mic with Alex Jones conspiracy cranks and hard-line Marxists railing against the existence of the Fed.

Jeannie Hartley (the blond woman speaking into the mic in photo above) is another leader of the leaderless, almost equal in power to El Comandante. She spends a lot of her time giving interviews to the drooling fawns of the Dominant Liberal Establishment Media. Her speaking style ranges from giving motherly instruction on who should get arrested and who should not, to well timed tearful sobbing about this or that evil consequence of living in a world oppressed by imperialist America. Her shirt reads “Fight for your Class, Not for your Country.” Gee, wonder why I’ve never seen one of those at Wal-Mart.

AlGore TV described Hartley as ” Occupy Denver media coordinator Jeannie Hartley”, the NY Times called her “a media liaison with Occupy Denver” According to her Facebook page, she is a yoga and Zumba instructor and also a “Professional Singer Songwriter musician keyboards guitar”, and the page lists her “thoughts” as:

“This is changing our world now even though our journey ahead is a long one with a myriad of challenges. The many problems that have held us done (sic) for so many years are no longer being swept underneath the carpet. Occupy Wall Street is a revolution to be sure that is only increasing in size, strength and purpose hourly. Occupy Colorado and Occupy Denver are as intregral (sic) to this monumental task as any other occupy movement in the world. We WIL (sic) succeed.”

This is the soon to be famous Frankie Roper clowning for photographers in front of the Federal Reserve. He would later go on to attack a black motorcycle police officer, and it would be falsely reported by the DLEM that he was severely beaten and sent to the hospital with facial wounds.

 This is Frankies’ crew from Occupy Colorado Springs, in town create a little mayhem.

Above, Mark and Barb Cohen wear caps of the National Lawyers Guild which identify the wearers as “legal observers”. The Cohens were co-founders of Recreate 68, which caused mayhem at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver. Several people clad with these green caps and carrying video cameras were present at this march to gather evidence for lawsuits in the wake of any troubles. The National Lawyers Guild first appeared in 1922, and has been called “the legal bulwark of the Communist Party”.

The NLG’s earliest antecedent was an agency known as the MOPR (the Russian initials for “International Class War Prisoners Aid Society”), which was formed by the Communist International (Comintern) in 1922 as part of its effort to infiltrate American legal organizations. Soon thereafter, MOPR became known as International Red Aid (IRA). In 1925 an American section of IRA was established under the name International Labor Defense (ILD), which in 1936 helped to organize the NLG.

In 1999, NLG member Chip Berlet, who is also an activist with Morris Dees’s Southern Poverty Law Center, described the Guild’s saturation with Communist and far-left ideologies: “The cacophony at some [Guild] meetings … [arises from] debates featuring cadres from Leninist, Trotskyist, Stalinist, and Maoist groups, along with Marxists, anarchists, libertarians, and progressive independents — interacting with a preponderance of reluctant Democrats — all intertwined with multiple alternate identities as lawyers, legal workers, labor organizers….”

The NLG’s National Immigration Project … rejects “all deportations and manipulations of the border carried out in the interests of capitalism,” encouraging local NLG chapters to “develop training programs and legal clinics to support mass defense efforts against deportations.” According to the Guild, government raids against “undocumented working people” constitute “an effort to terrorize and silence immigrant communities.”

Following 9/11, NLG provided legal advice — translated into several Middle Eastern languages — for immigrants contacted by the U.S. government during its anti-terrorism initiatives. These materials advised immigrants to refuse to talk to investigators — because “[t]he FBI is not just trying to find terrorists, but is gathering information on immigrants and activists who have done nothing wrong.” Discoverthenetworks.com

Lawfare is “the use of law as a weapon of war.” It is one of several alternative war-making concepts outlined in a 1999 Chinese book that set forth new types of offensive actions available to an international actor that seeks to undermine a military force. The international left has become adept at using lawfare in many arenas including against law enforcement. Both congressman John Conyers and Weather Underground terrorist Bernadette Dohrn are or have been members of the guild. Radicals are trained to harass the police and disobey every attempt of law-enforcement to control a deliberately orchestrated volatile mob action.

The trouble started when El Comandante (above, to left of statue) veered off the permitted march route, gesticulating wildly that the marchers should follow him up the steps to the Capitol. This created confusion on Broadway, and split the march, with about half following El Comandante (Spendley), and the other half returning as planned to Civic Center Park.

The marchers around me verbally expressed surprise when El Comandante summoned them off the route to the park, and led them up to the Capitol Building. I estimate the entire march of October 29 to have numbered no more than 1,000 although the DLEM claims 2,000. Protesters told me earlier that OD’s permit was for a march to support medical marijuana legislation.

Here is a blowup of the previous photo, showing Spendley gloating, and summoning protesters to a confrontation with State Troopers.

I scampered up the stairs and found that the verbal abuse of cops had already begun. The man on the right, with the kaffiya and armband, is an Occupy Denver “official security anarchist.” Frankie Roper can be seen, with the orange bandana, launching into his confrontation with State Troopers. The trooper walking towards the camera will soon be the target of Roper’s insanity. It seemed to me that the troopers were taken by surprise.

Jeannie Hartley is seen here giving instructions while Frankie hurls abuse at State Troopers. The National Lawyers’ Guild films the developing confrontation, looking for evidence to use against the troopers in court. Anarchists can be seen streaming forward, screeching, and soon the mob wil reach a number between 400 and 500, howling abuse at the troopers. I’m immediately struck by the zen-like calm and mild humor with which the troopers absorb the abuse without reacting.

Jeannie Hartley gives motherly advice like:

“There is a difference between those of you that consider yourselves arrestable, and non-arrestable. … If you consider yourself non-arrestable, that means that you don’t want to get arrested. Do you get my drift? If you think that you are arrestable, that’s your choice. But each person should decide that for themselves. I’m not gonna tell you what to do, but you need to make the choices you personally know you can live with.”

All the while, as lawyers and the arrestables team-up to harass the police, Mufti-woman incited the mob with her megaphone, chanting as she strutted along the skirmish line.

The mob of four to five hundred were met by twelve to eighteen State Troopers on the steps of the Capitol. I arrived there at that same moment, and was amazed that security was so light. It took about ten minutes for bicycle police to arrive and form a second line with their bicycles. Another fifteen to twenty minutes passed before riot police arrived on the steps to form a third line.

Is it possible that no one in law enforcement looks at Facebook? The Occupy Your State Capitol Day memo was up there for all to see, and Occupy mobs swamped state capitol buildings in a number of states. Authorities in Colorado are aware of the  7.5 million dollars of damage protesters did to the Wisconsin state capitol building. Repair cost estimates were made, by historical architects from U.S. Park Service. Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the Wisconsin state Department of Administration testified that much of the damage was done to the beautiful antique marble floors and walls.

Frankie Roper, zombie from Colorado Springs, made repeated attempts to push his way through the thin blue line. He soon singled out the thinnest part of the line, and possibly the oldest of the troopers, on whom he spewed very personal venom.

The protesters were repeatedly told they were not allowed in or near the Capitol Building, as they had no permit to demonstrate there. Up and down the line, troopers were singled out by individual protesters, who concentrated on breaking through the line. The smiley-faced man in the center of the photo above is using a crossed-arm technique developed in Cuba by people to resist Fidel Castro’s goon squads. In Cuba, the difference being that the people are resisting totalitarian communist state agents, while here communists and anarchists are using it on police in an attempt to get their way by undemocratic means.

Roper repeatedly tried to advance through the line in order to provoke the police for the Lawyers’ Guild cameras, which were trained on this scene for over twenty minutes.

The troopers really showed their training and courage as they held the line and waited for reinforcements. Note how the protesters carefully avoid laying hands on law enforcement. They have been schooled in the art of how to provoke by yelling, screaming, and shoving — right up to the line of what would be considered assault.

Can a regular citizen appreciate what these officers are now facing around the world from this Occupy movement? In Europe, officers are being butchered and incinerated (Rome: 40, Athens: 100’s) by Occupy communists and anarchists. While liberal polititians and media coddle and support the radicals, these officers’ lives will be in danger as this lunatic fringe gains ground.

The calm courage of the troopers only seemed to infuriate some of the protesters even more as they tried every foul combination of words to incite trouble.

Roper’s zombie buddies were also harassing individual officers. Hey liberals, try staring at a living, screaming, leftist zombie who’s showering spittle in your face for twenty minutes and see if you like it. Where is it written that a citizen has a right to do this to anyone?

The arrival of riot police only enraged the mob more.

The din was unbelievable. It included drumming on police cars parked nearby, megaphone led chanting, and Mufti marching around with her police siren. When the crowd thinned out, this black car had big orange 99% spray-painted all over it. The person in the middle here is one of El Commandante’s crew, with orange tape letters SECURITY on the back of his coat.

Meanwhile, El Comandante was waging his own battle. He tried to lead a gaggle of hand-picked activists up the side of the Capitol steps, and was politely rebuffed by police.

His little platoon seemed to exhibit signs of attention deficit disorder, possibly induced by pharmaceuticals or a medical plant which can be bought at over 400 stores in Denver.

Imagine trying to employ a guy like El Comandante? You’d have a riot within a week.

I love the Dana Carvey look-alike. He’s right out of central casting. Very funny. The girl looks like she’s enjoying the male contact. El Comandante is taking himself much too seriously.


Having failed to invade the Capitol, El Comandante called a retreat back to the park. I remember him shouting “Let’s go down there and build a community!!” I can hardly wait for the South Park puppet parody.


Hartley shooed the mob from the Capitol down to the park using her megaphone. As the anarchists scurried away, I heard calls to “Set up the tents!”

Frank Roper went down to the park with his fellow zombies, and got in some big trouble. They attempted to obstruct a moving police motorcycle with a sort of soccer free-kick blocking action. As the cop moved through the park, they ran in front of his motorcycle in a group of about seven men. As the cop failed to yield, and moved by them, Roper pushed the officer’s bike over. He then darted away, trying to escape the area. The portly black motorcycle cop must have been a football player, as he sprinted and tackled Roper like an NFL pro. The police hogtied Roper hands and feet, and removed him from the park. He was sent to the hospital, and it was reported in the news that he was severely beaten and received facial wounds. One radical posted a video saying that Roper had had his face split open by the cops. He was released immediately from the hospital, as he was actually uninjured. No doubt the makeup is what got him into the hospital rather than into jail.




Jeannie Hartley went on AlGore TV, where she lied her yoga pants off.

Olbermann: Tell me about the scene on Saturday. The protesters were described as unruly. Are the police being truthful in that statement?

Hartley: To be honest, I have to tell you what I saw.  What I witnessed was not anyone being unruly.

Olbermann: Tell me about the scene on Saturday. The protesters were described as unruly. Are the police being truthful in that statement?

Hartley: To be honest, I have to tell you what I saw.  What I witnessed was not anyone being unruly. What I saw was several police officers chasing en masse into the park, running towards one little guy in a tree, and then chasing after another man and throwing him down onto the ground, and putting him in a choke hold, with officers surrounding him. I saw tear gas being dispersed, I saw rubber pellets being shot into the crowd towards people that from my vision were not being unruly. …who from where I was standing were not being unruly at all. We’d had a perfectly peaceful march a perfectly peaceful rally and it turned into something much worse.

… It was extraordinary, the amount of police force that was present, before anything was, by their definition, unruly…

KO: Is there any thought of going to the in Denver or the state courts?

H: Yes, That is something that is in the works. We have an amazing legal team. We are also working with the National Lawyer’s Guild. I can’t address (details) as I’m not an attorney, but I can promise you that’s in the works.

JH: People are in the streets because of injustice. So for the police force to inflict more injustice upon us is not going to make us leave, it’s going to make more people come into the streets.

Liar, liar, yoga pants on fire!



 Dressed to riot: a few Occupy-ers had invested in gas-masks; many more wore goggles and bandanas to protect themselves from the tear gas they dearly wished to provoke.

Back to the evil clown paradigm, for haters of corporations, who could be more devilishly evil than that purveyor of dead cows, salt, and Happy Meals™, Adolf McDonald? This young man proudly told me he bought the shirt in China. Leisure time and money enough to travel the world, gee, the American free market system makes life hard to bear for the 99%, doesn’t it?

Even the Occupy participants who were not dressed like clowns or anarchists are zombie-like in a way. They join along in this movement, shouting out chants like WE ARE THE 99%, as if by doing so, it will end the human characteristic of greed. They believe that some people being rich makes other people poor. They believe that if someone creates production, and employment for others, and by doing so makes a profit, that they are somehow stealing that money from everyone. They believe in the zombie economics of the radical left. In 1897 Winston Churchill said of Radicals: It reminds me of a man who, on being told that ventilation is a good thing, went and smashed every window in his house.

The supposed malign effects of  “income inequality” on well-being, then, aren’t really the issue for the left. The faux-populist rhetoric of income inequality is the camouflage for the true goal. As one protester instructed another: “It’s about taking down systems, it doesn’t matter what you’re protesting.” Capitalism must go in order to redistribute wealth as a means for advancing ideological preferences and goals, and achieving the radical egalitarianism that the left considers to be “social justice”––the same old socialist dream that littered the 20th century with corpses, and whose milder yet still pernicious forms have brought several European countries to the brink of insolvency. In the end, what the protesters are really angry about is that the world of reality does not live up to the world of their utopian dreams. FPM

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61 comments to Evil Clowns and Radical Ringmasters of the Anti-Capitalist Revolution in Denver

  • Heartland Patriot

    These protesters want trouble. They want “violent revolution”. They want to “overthrow”. They want to smash and destroy. Well, I promise you only one thing: IF they get their wish, they will REGRET it. A lot of others will, as well, but these leftist trash won’t be cheering so loudly, they won’t be so arrogant, they won’t think themselves so tough if the things they are pushing for really come to pass. Because they THINK they are prepared to “do whatever it takes”, but I assure you that they are NOT prepared for the sort of mass horror that will be visited upon them. And I, for one, will laugh in their faces if they ever actually get whats coming to them.

  • Michael H Anderson

    These people are the modern equivalent of the brutish, pitiless, irrational barbarians that destroyed ancient Rome – only instead of invading, they are fully assimilated members of society thanks to the relentless propagandizing they and their parents received from the mainstream media, their peers, their teachers and professors. They are the logical endpoint of the hippie movement – the movement that gave us mass welfare, mass addiction, mass sexual irresponsibility including predatory sexuality and the porn industry, and the celebration of parasitism as a lifelong pursuit. Nothing they are given off the backs of honest working people will ever be enough, and they have spawned millions of their parasitic offspring until, truly, they have become a major threat to the very fabric of the Western world.

    I fear it is in fact far too late for even unmitigated force to solve the problem, and given the added threat of the Muslim world (both within, through immigration, and without) that America and Europe can expect to suffer a fate very similar to those Romans.

  • Zhushika

    This is a very odd collection of “facts”..Anyone who thinks the cops haven’t inspired the violent response from the mostly peaceful movement hasn’t been paying attention.. THEY are paid to PROTECT AND SERVE..many of the protestors are tax paying citizens and will not stand for this sort of abuse…it’s not what we paid for nor expect as U.S. Citizens.. and if it’s what we are to expect..then expect a reaction that is LIKE in KIND.

    • El Marco

      No It is you and others like you that want to see the police as the cause of violence. When you say things like this: “THEY are paid to PROTECT AND SERVE..many of the protestors are tax paying citizens and will not stand for this sort of abuse…it’s not what we paid for nor expect as U.S. Citizens.. and if it’s what we are to expect..then expect a reaction that is LIKE in KIND.” , you indicate a desire to see violence against police.

      Cops are paid to enforce the law. What law states that a “peaceful protester” has the right to verbally abuse a cop while 6 inches from his face for 20 minutes all the while disobeying requests to not storm the capitol? This is the kind of organized mayhem that we see every time leftists have a “protest” movement. It is a tactic and it does not qualify as “peaceful”. To the contrary it is disturbing the peace and psychologically abusive to officers that are subjected to it. You think that any taxpayer has the right to subject another taxpayer (yes cops are people too and they pay taxes) to this uncivil behavior just because you hate police. You don’t deserve the privilege of living in a free country as you apparently support those who are enjoying abusing these freedoms.

      Go to Cuba and try that over there and then enjoy your stay in La Cabana prison. Then you will get an idea of what a police state looks like.


  • Tikvah

    RE:**ORANGE armbands***
    Be careful not to identify ALL those with “orange ribbons,etc.”as these anarchists.Orange flags,bracelets,ribbons,etc. were & are symbols of the Pro-ISRAEL/ANTI-GAZA protesters,like myself.They/We are theGOOD GUYS & I SERIOUSLY doubt that ANY of us would be at any of these protests…
    even Yeshua(Jesus) wouldn’t be welcome because hes a Pro-Israel JEW & a ZIONIST…;)

  • Mike Jones

    Incredible how biased you fools are! Look at the people in the background of 90% of your pictures. You are taking pictures of the few raggy looking people there, and failing to look at the real crowd that represent this movement!
    When you and your bought and paid for media interview someone you purposely pick out the long haired vagrant looking bum that showed up for the free food, instead of interviewing someone who has the same media savoy as the interviewer.
    I feel bad for you people who will benefit from what is going on here, all the while not realizing exactly how much change in our country is needed. Our politicians have bankrupt this country, and you think it’s great. You let the bankers give themselves bonuses into the billions of dollars, and try to tell each other that they “deserve” it because of their hard work! You stand back and let the banks continue the same casino style investments that put us here in the first place all the while spouting out that you want “less government”.
    Less government is fine until it comes to allowing a woman the ability to make her own mind up about an abortion, or until it comes down to allowing a free american put whatever he wants into his system. Less is great until you talk about all the morality laws you want regulated.
    Less is good as long as it’s under your terms!

    • El Marco

      Who said anything about abortion or wall street bailouts? Re-read the article and notice that my photo-essay is about the roots and behavior of this movement only. Your comment projects what is swimming around in your head and you ignore the point of the piece. Besides all the zombies were short-haired. … El Marco

    • txsray

      The normal people you refer to Mike, are bystanders. Yeah maybe some of them consider themselves to be “protesters”, but chances are their more there out of curiosity. The ones who define the real cause behind it all are those taking the lead, those with the bullhorns, those grabbing the spotlight, those who planned it all in advance.

      I’ve been through all of this before. The early anti-war movement was peaceful and sincere. But then it was literally over-run and pre-empted by the yippies and SDS and their ilk. And their agenda wasn’t really to end the war at all. It was to create a radical revolutionary anarchist subculture. And the effect was to alienate the public and actually prolong the war by years.

      It doesn’t matter what most of the people are there for. They have just been manipulated into place. All that matters is what appears on TV.

      And the result of the “Occupy” movement will be, (initially anyway) a move toward the law & order police-state mentality. Then to be followed by atrocities and the generation of a genuine violent revolution.

      These things are planned out in detail and executed one step at a time.
      The objective is to make people think that it was all a natural evolution, when it is nothing of the sort.

    • Bob Roberts

      It’s amazing that people like you keep telling people like me that we can’t see what is going on when you are the ones who are blind. This “movement” is really a carefully constructed front for those who wish to destroy everything good about America and they’ve been quite open about not only their willingness but their desire that many of those who are on the “front lines” wind up dead in order to spark the bigger actions they have planned.

      You’ve got a few minor points right – we do need change, but not the sort of change these morons are advocating. What amazes me is that people can be presented with the truth and still not get it. For instance, yes, too many American jobs are going overseas, but it’s not because of the fictional “1%” but rather because of excessive regulation, taxation and the general hostility to business that those who are controlling this movement, manipulating it’s participants, openly speak of whenever they get in front of a mike or camera. And the other reason we can’t get jobs? Because illegal immigrants are taking them, often at a much lower wage than would otherwise be paid. Again, who is in favor of illegal immigration and allowing illegal immigrants to stay?

      If they want to accomplish something the “occu-zombies” need to stop paying attention to propaganda, stop whining and demanding handouts and forgiveness of debt that they chose to run up, and they need to start working. Get a job. I’m sorry for those who thought they could major in angry women’s studies, angry chicano studies, angry American-African studies and thought that once they graduated they’d have it made as companies would be lining up to hire them. Those who fell under the sway of leftists in school and didn’t think ahead and take courses that would make them valuable to potential employers now can’t find work – is that so amazing? Well, there’s always McDonalds but, guess what, THEY WON’T TAKE THAT JOB because it’s “beneath them”. Apparently they have a higher sense of self-importance than their words and actions are convincing the rest of us is appropriate.

  • Pavelina

    Obviously our human rights include the right to behave like an idiot.

  • little jeremiah

    I’ve been following news of the Rabble OWSers, or Occupukes, since they started. This article is one of the very best I’ve seen – incredible photos as well as great research on background and what the O’pukes really are, who organized, planned and has funded them.

    Great job!!

  • aud

    Great coverage of outrageous incidents in so many fine cities. What cesspool did these people crawl out of? They are no doubt smoking something that has turned their brains to mush. God Bless America and our forefathers who died for the liberty we enjoy today

  • Red Jeff

    Great article… obviously you’ve put a lot of work into it and it is much appreciated, as is yourself, for your efforts.

    Thank you.

  • Nancy Bakos

    Veterans Day March on the Washington Capital! Article in World Net Daily wnd/com March is to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! Notifications/documentation has been sent to everyone in congress. The first video(the only 1 I have watched so far), states who&why they want removed from office. And, their goals for this MARCH ON THE CAPITAL OF WASHINGTON. The lying democrat communist socialist media is not reporting this. PLEASE GO VIRAL!

  • Franz

    Kudos to El Marco for capturing the rabble-rousing, rambling, rancorous rubble of would be ravagers in Denver. This mindless conglomeration of unwashed mobocrats, as many have noted, is in stark contrast to the orderly, peaceful, law-abiding, and tidy TEA Party gatherings, which speaks for itself. Garbage, anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-individual freedom/rights, anti-Western, anti-reason, anti-life are the staple rhetoric of the lazy, looney, left, whose intellectual bankruptcy begets financial bankruptcy and other destructive manifestations in any given arena of human existence. The police, bless them, have to handle these whining crybabies with kid gloves, but law-abiding citizens don’t when these foppish fools infringe upon individual rights, including property rights (home, vehicles, etc.) Roadkill and/or hood ornaments, anyone?

  • DEAN

    Just Lazy no good commies receiving pay from Soros to disturb the rest of America. He has done this in many countries. Soros is a disease and his followers are cancer.

  • Hell to them all… Visit my blog to know how the LEFTs command the market of drugs. You can use translators to understand the translation. The final report has translation to English. The four videos run in San Francisco, are in Spanish. Ask someone who speaks Spanish and or Portuguese, and is also a conservative to translate the revelations to you. I invite those vagabonds from MACACOBAMA to occupy Cuba and live there forever!
    Best regards,
    A Língua! (The Tongue!)

  • Ray

    It’s no surprise that the security was so light, nor that things never really got out of hand. Don’t forget that all law enforcement is now under homeland security. Both the fleabaggers and the cops are working for the same globalist forces. Although most of them probably don’t realize it.

    What we see is a spectacle, a pageant, a pretense of a grass roots movement confronting a pretense of the “establishment”.

    And when the violence starts the leaders will duck for cover and only the clueless “useful idiots” will get their heads bashed in. And then the army will get involved (as planned). And there will be a considerable amount of bloodshed and chaos,(as planned). And then the military will “revolt” (as planned). And huge masses of people will drawn into the demonstrations and eventually the “people” will win in a totally staged-managed “revolution” and set up a “progressive” (neo-communist) régime (as planned).

    Obama was never meant to win a second term. This has been the plan all along. Create chaos, and stage a revolution so that it seems like the people “won”.

    It’s not that the cops are in on it. They just follow orders.
    It’s not even that the anarchist idiots are in on it.
    They’re just manipulated as well.

    But behind it all the globalist bankers plan for world domination under a worldwide socialist regime pushes steadily forward.

  • This was an extensive and excellent piece. Great documentation and photos — thank you for your efforts. I will include this in my next OWS Link Dump on Sunday. Look for at ladyliberty1885.wordpress.com

  • oatka

    That gal in pic fourth from last: With those nasal studs, missing teeth, chin tattoo and vacuous stare, I’d hire this one in a minute. Wouldn’t you? (smurfle)

    • Red Jeff

      Exactly Oatka! At first I thought she was a stripper because of the appearance but then realized that dancers have jobs so that can’t be it. She must be just another wayward lost soul.

      That and obviously unemployable for anything but a minimum wage job. It’s sad that someone who has (self) limited opportunities in life, and so young, has already decided to follow an empty path in life and assigned blame to everyone else.

      Isn’t missing teeth a sign of oxycodon abuse anyway?

  • Hunter

    Fruit Loops.

  • Thomas Hare

    And their point is – what do they want to replace out world with – cancel all their debit, credit cards and access to the internet – they will implode!!

  • weary conservative

    As Mark Levin would say, “What a conga line of freaks and parasites”! Sad!!! These lunatics don’t even realize how absurd they are…..or that halloween is now past.

  • JohnnieBeGood

    Denver’s AFL-CIO has made a statement in strong support of Occupy Denver, saying that Occupy Denver speaks for the 99%. This post mentions the involvement of labor unions a bit, but it does seem like a strange combination of forces. Shutting down the port in Oakland, hurting businesses in some cities where Occupy is making neigborhoods into undesirable places to be, how is that helping workers?

    • A_Nonny_Mouse

      “How is that helping workers”?

      Wellll, when we finally get to the “dictatorship of the Proletariat” thing, the puppet masters behind these idiots will be delighted to have caused the downfall of the USA and our “eeevil capitalism”.

      The next step, you’ll remember, is that the workers (in whose name this whole charade gets carried out) make wry jokes about “we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us”.

      = = = = =

      You DO understand, right, that all the crap about “workers’ rights” is just BS? It’s REALLY all about power for the groups who claim to represent “the workers”. Same as when the Teachers’s Unions “fix” the rules so that incompetent teachers can’t be fired; they always claim their demands are necessary “to benefit the children” but the REAL beneficiaries are (first) the unions and (second) the teachers; the “for the children” stuff is BS, too. Same with the “minority rights/ racial grievance” mongers like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. It’s REALLY all about those guys getting money and influence by PRETENDING to work to “elevate minorities” (but if the minorities ever got self-sufficient and “equal”, Sharpton & Jackson would be out of a gig- no money, no influence, no reporters asking for comments about the current-events du jour).

      I think one of the goals of the unions (in sponsoring/ supporting the “Occupy XYZ” groups) is to persuade disillusioned workers that only unions are powerful enough to force the “eeevil corporations” to increase pay and benefits. Union membership has actually been declining for years, and this is a great opportunity to (try to) convince people that unions are still relevant.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Remember, back in July, 2008 as Obama was campaigning in Colorado Springs, when he said he wanted to create a “civilian national security force” as powerful and well-funded as the Regular Military? (You can Google it.) Did you wonder what-the-heck he was talking about, back then? Could it have been something like this, only MORE widespread and MORE violent? Do you suppose Class Warfare and Civil Insurrection were part of The Progressives’ plan to Fundamentally Transform America –even back then???

  • Dinah Lord

    Thanks for documenting the mayhem, El Marco. Stay safe, buddy.

  • Linda M

    God job Mark! How do I subscribe?

    Marco readers, let’s BOYCOTT ALL who are supporting “occupy” events in the U.S. including individuals, groups, newspapers, TV, CD, movies, DVDs, food products, books, art work … EVERYTHING … Coffee shops, food caterers and donors who give to “occupy.”

    Do they want to feel it in their wallets more?
    Let them!

    Support our law enforcement!, Their jobs are more dangerous than ever!

    Linda M.
    “Very” Conservative Editor/Journalist

  • MissyT

    Is the cry “solidarity” or Stupidity?
    OWS are really spoiled brats gone wild!

  • Spin

    So much support in the comments, humm fascinating. As for the whole “down with capitalism” mantra, we haven’t had capitalism in the US since 1913. A single cartel excreting the currency from their arse does not a free market make.

  • Lori McGuire

    whoops, I meant Mitch (early a.m. typo)

  • Lori McGuire

    For any of you who read Vince Flynn: I’d like to set Mirch Rapp loose on these freaks

  • Greg from Ohio

    This will not stop anytime soon. The media is doing all they can to keep the movement looking like its peaceful. And many who have not seen for themselves are sympathizing with them. I went to the Cleveland one, all Anarchist and students from some very high priced private schools. The mayor(D)is allowing them full reign.

  • canuck

    Time to activate a Take Out The Trash Day. Pull the police out and send in the rednecks.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Canuck, I think you are right. It seems like the lefties & anarchists want to take over & start a Class War. It looks like sooner or later Constitutionalists & Patriots are going to have to shove them back down the hole they were hiding in. If they really want a war, they will find out early on it will be no contest. They will lose big time & the Police they detest will have help cleaning their clocks. Their Socialism will never happen as long as one American Patriot is alive & these low-lifes will never see their Utopia. They are about as organized as a party that was invaded by an angry swarm of bees.

  • Menachem

    Terrific work!

  • richb

    I sure got a good laugh at those dopey communist-anarchy “can we get along” posters. They don’t even seem to know their own history.

    If people just knew history, we wouldn’t have these things going on. We are unfortunately repeating it again it seems. Its so 19th century.

  • Excellent job once again!

  • Jungle Jim

    Interesting day and cast of characters. It is almost as if it was orchestrated. This guy Frank Roper is seen in bloody make up and then later goes down to the park and pushes over a cop on his hog and is arrested. They say Frankie went to the hospital but is released? He didn’t go to jail? Strange. This guy Tanner Spendley and his crew with the orange duct tape are at the front lines at this event. Think about it, he is the guy that began each event,……. the start of the march, up the steps, to the park, up with the tents and in with the riot squad .. The mini “riot” played Out out like a flash mob. The cheifs reason for the crack down was a blue tarp was erected and Frankie pushed down the cop. The days of the “blac bloc” was so much esier to figure out the provocateurs.
    Any how thanks for the great pics of this interesting day and how it played out.

  • Cindy

    I hope the law enforcement at the Capitol in Denver have begun to truly appreciate the law abiding and decent Tea Party people who have rallied and testified the Capitol many, many times. Remember the peaceful rally on April 15, 2009 where our group numbered 5,000+?

    • richb

      I bet most were wishing for the boredom and respect of the tea party events. They will have plenty of volunteers for those in the future. I would guess the cops like the tea party people far more then these stupid occupy dimwits.

  • Sandy in Denver

    OMG. What amazing photographs. And what enlightening text. I had no idea about all those connections between the different groups involved. I got some good laughs out of this as well. Thanks for saving me the trouble of going to see – and smell – for myself what Occupy Denver is all about.

  • Rebel

    Excellent work!!!

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