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Racism and Incivility Aimed at Tea Party in Denver

Union Thugs and Teachers Lash Out at Taxpayers
Denver, February 22, 2011 by El Marco

White House political arm, Organizing for America, teamed up with Service Employees International Union (SEIU), for their latest astroturfing effort in Denver. Teamsters and other workers were bussed in to the Colorado State Capitol in an increasing effort by the White House to interfere in relations between states and local public sector unions.

Union protestors seemed to have taken to heart President Obama’s admonition to “get in people’s faces”. Thankfully, they did not act on Rep. Michael Capuano’s (D-Mass.) words to union members today, when he told them “Every once and a while you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”  If not for the presence of state troopers who controlled the howling union goons, this protest could have had a violent outcome.

Nonetheless, Obama’s supporters put on a disgraceful display of incivility and paranoia-fueled administration propaganda, which is exactly what Obama and Organizing for America have been encouraging.

These people are holding astroturf signs, that is signs that are produced by organizers and handed out to individuals rounded up by Organizing for America (OFA) in conjunction with the unions. Note that OFA used to be called Obama for America, and is his campaign organization. Obama for America was renamed  Organizing for America after Obama’s election and has been deployed on the streets of Denver before to intimidate and bully the citizens here.

These astroturf signs display the paranoid style of politics that is promoted by OFA and the unions. Since when is asking teachers to contribute a small percentage towards their own benefits an attack on them, or an attack on anyone’s grandchildren? Note the sign that says Corporations are not People. Corporations are made of workers, administrators and shareholders, many of whom are teachers whose pension funds invest in America’s greatest businesses. These people believe that labor unions are the only associations that should be allowed to make political contributions.

Here, organizers have placed astroturf signs by the Capitol steps.

Generally, a mark of an astroturf event is the fact that very few of the participants have taken the effort to bring their own homemade signs. Astroturfers are just bussed in, told where to stand, given a sign, and told what to shout and what to think.

This banner is being held in front of the main doors of the Capitol Building. The message here is plain and clear, and JFK would be appalled to see his great patriotic speech perverted in this way. The union has replaced the country as the community to love and defend. Socialists have taken over most major unions and they now dominate the Democrat Party. Have you ever noticed how liberals never stop dumping on America. But don’t dare ever to say one word of criticism of their beloved unions! That kind of talk is strictly VERBOTEN!

The term “war on workers” is pure Marxist-Leninist rhetoric.

This school teacher’s sign is so badly punctuated, no wonder our students are so far behind. Sorry, ma’am, but possessive personal pronouns do not take an apostrophe. It should be Whose freedom are you fighting for. Just about half of Colorado students in grades 3 through 10 are below proficient for their grade levels in writing test scores. And it’s worse than that for math. Two thirds of 8th graders in Wisconsin public schools can not read proficiently, according to the U.S. Dept. of Education, despite the fact that Wisconsin spends more per pupil in its public schools than any other state in the Midwest.

The sign in the foreground, above, calls for a rollback of the Reagan tax cuts. Top rate when Reagan was elected, was 90%. These union workers understand that their paycheck depends on getting money out of the productive sector of society. The more people are taxed, they believe, the more benefits and pay increases they can expect in the future. Unfortunately, what states like Wisconsin have discovered is that bloated bureaucracies and entitlements become unsustainable when you run out of other people’s money to spend.

I noticed a black man standing at the very back, behind the center of the astroturf mob above. I could see that the man was waving a Gadsden flag. I decided to go over and investigate.

That man with the Gadsden flag turned out to be Leland Luther Robinson, 51, a Denver native. I was reminded of another black man who was selling Gadsden flags at an town hall meeting in St. Louis in 2009. Kenneth Gladney was viciously attacked and hospitalized by SEIU thugs for his thought crimes.

As I spoke with Mr. Robinson, a school teacher interrupted as he had decided to teach Leland a few union thug lessons.

The man said he was a school teacher and felt that he deserved sympathy because after 14 years of work, he made only”Forty-something thousand” a year. With the entire benefit package, we all know that this figure soars. And that’s for working 180 days a year. He claimed that without the union, he’d be making $8 an hour.

What I found very strange was the man’s repeated use of the word son when addressing Robinson. I have never heard a man of equal age call another man son. Ever. It was creepy, and in retrospect it seems the man was using the term as an insult, much as the term boy was used by whites in days gone by.

At this point, an aggressive woman with a purple SEIU shirt assailed Robinson with a flurry of insults.

That’s your problem. You’re an entrepreneur, so you don’t work. You don’t know what work is until you get into an educational area. … You’re uneducated, unethical, immoral, and you don’t know what life is. That’s your problem. Why don’t you go behind that fence where you belong? Why don’t you go back with your own kind?” She said this indicating towards the bottom of the Capitol Steps, where a couple of hundred tea partiers were gathered listening to speeches.

Next, this lady in red rudely got in Robinson’s face.

Lady in red: “I asked you a question: Do you have any children? That you claim, that you claim.”

Robinson: “Do I need children to understand what’s going on?”

Lady in red: “You need children to understand education.”

Robinson: “No I don’t.”

Bystander: “What did you mean when you said does he have any children that he claims?

Lady in red: “Because he’s such a free spirit and an entrepreneur, I would assume that he’s not supporting children.

(To Robinson:) You are a big-mouth take-care-of-yourself man. You don’t care about anyone.”

At this point, police interceded. Seeing a lone black man being shouted at by union goons, they decided it was better that he joined the tea party protest at the bottom of the stairs, where he would be safe. Robinson told me that he had never attended a tea party before, and had never belonged to any activist organization.

When I asked the lady in red why she was so incensed at Robinson, a man she had never spoken to in her life, she said “He comes here dressed to the nines, look at him. He is portraying someone not from this community.” She admitted that her assumption that this black man has children he doesn’t support was racist, but told me “What I said is racist, but I am not a racist.”

It sounds like she thinks that a taxpayer who doesn’t want to pay 100% of the Cadillac retirement and health benefits of state workers is too greedy to pay for his own children.This is putting a nice spin scrubbed of racial animosity on the incident. But this moment also highlights an insidious form of Liberal racism. Mr. Robinson said that he is accustomed to double hostility from liberal Democrats not just because he is conservative, but doubly so because he is a black who is not behaving as they think a black man should behave in America. They feel free to hurl their venom on him because he stands up as a free and successful man, proud of his achievements, who is not dependent on their party. He rejects their liberal social policies and their party’s race identity politics, and states openly that they have done harm to black families and individuals in America.

Later, I asked Mr. Robinson if he’d ever encountered this type of incivility in Colorado before.

“Yes, as a black Republican, absolutely. These people don’t even realize that Martin Luther King was a Republican too. That’s why I was standing there on that step, while the rest of the tea partiers were down on the street. I intentionally walked up there because I didn’t want to hide in a corner. I wanted people to see me and have an opportunity to talk to me. I picked up a couple of flyers from some people. People came up to me said ‘I like your flag.’

While I was standing on the step not everyone had animosity towards me until I really waved the flag, for some reason their rally sort of turned my direction. The other gentleman (blogger) videotaped the whole crowd after the police suggested that I go back down the steps. Every time I went down a flight of stairs, they came after me. Before I knew it, the whole crowd had turned from the Capitol Building down to us.”

UPDATE: I contacted Leland Robinson by phone and here is part of what he told me:

“When you are African-American or Hispanic it’s like” okay you were born black so that means you’re a liberal, so you’re born gay so you’re a liberal”. Hmmmm, I don’t know. I was born with a brain so that gives me the opportunity to do my fight. The problem is a lack of information and knowledge. If they keep you stupid and dumb you don’t have the proper equipment to challenge the Democrat line. Most black people don’t even know that Martin Luther King was a Republican. Who killed Martin Luther King? Do you think that was a Republican or Democrat that killed Martin Luther King? You put facts before these people, they deny them to your face. We are told lies and we begin to believe the lies.

I can communicate the truth calmly. I don’t have to shove it down your throat because, the truth will always win. That’s why these people yell so much, because they are trying to distract. It’s a smokescreen. It’s kind of like a magician, watch my right hand while my left hand jacks you up. They are trying to distract you to make you think that what they are all about is the right thing. In reality you’re just a pawn to them. A pawn that the Democratic Party and Barack Obama are using to keep them in power. This is a form of slavery. Liberals are enslaving themselves. Barack Obama is their slave master and they are doing his bidding for him. They don’t see it that way but that’s how it is.

I have been a free black man my whole life. That is what has allowed me to travel the world and to go places and do things where I have been the only black guy in the room. My freedom living in America has allowed me to do what I want, if I am not just restricting myself. Like, I can’t learn to ski or swim or do this or that thing, because black people just don’t do that. Well I can do everything because I choose to. No one restricted me. This isn’t the South where it’s like whites only. I grew up here in Colorado. That is my experience. I have been allowed to be a free black man in America and I am not going to relinquish that just because someone thinks differently.”

Hundreds of state union supporters now descended the steps to just above where the tea party protesters were assembled, their advance only stopped by the police.

Dictatorships usually incorporate unions into the government apparatus. Unions serve as powerful propaganda arms in repressive regimes with union bosses often handpicked ideological comrades of the dictator. Maybe she’s one of Colorado’s public school history teachers?

Union supporters yell insults at and give the liberal salute to the tea party crowd.

What is the teacher on the left trying to say with Remember Tahrir Square? There was extreme violence, with many deaths in Tahrir Square. There was also the brutal rape of Lara Logan. Is this sign a threat of violence against the U.S. government, or just foolishness from a fool? What do you want to bet this is some poor class’s Social Studies teacher?

Jeff Crank, Colorado State Director of Americans for Prosperity, addresses around 200 tea party activists assembled on the sidewalk in front of the Capitol. Luckily for them, state troopers kept the union thugs, seen here in the background, at bay.

Tea partiers display typical humor and civility, which is part of their conservative American creed. Contrast that to the shocking comments about this rally posted on Democratic Underground. EG: Put a couple teabaggers in the hospital in traction and I bet they think twice before they try that shit again.

It’s too bad this woman is not a history teacher at a Denver public school. The following is what her sign refers to:

President Franklin Roosevelt called the idea of public sector unions “unthinkable and intolerable.” He was speaking to the morality of public servants making demands on taxpayers’ earnings under the threat of withholding public services — or as FDR put it, “looking toward the paralysis of government by those who have sworn to support it.” Read more about FDR and his opposition to public sector unions.

The tea partiers chanted in response to chanting from the union supporters.

Unions: Stuck on Stupid! Stuck on Stupid!

While the tea partiers chanted in response: More basic math! More basic math!

When the unions shouted: We are the people! We are the people!

The tea partiers responded: You are the robots! You are the robots!

Responding to cars honking in support, this taxpaying tea partier waves in thanks.

Young socialists are still dreaming of a revolutionary workers’ paradise full of HOPE and CHANGE. Maybe they were Ward Churchill’s students before he got the boot.

We all rise with Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin? WTF? This was a recurrent theme at the rally. Egypt is starving and on the brink of social collapse. Libya is burning with corpses not collected from the streets. Another Social Studies teacher?
Here’s what I had to say about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 2008. Remember Obama’s DNC convention speech at Mile High Stadium in Denver with the ridiculous Greek temple? From Barack”s Big Day:

Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes a Democrat party sock puppet. Note microphone in Obamba’s hand. Is that a crucifix? Naww, it couldn’t be, could it?

These car magnets were on sale inside Invesco Field Stadium during Obama’s Greek Temple speech. Here we see Dr. King mouthing the new Democratic Party mantra, CHANGE.  Martin Luther King was a man who dreamed of a day when we would be judged by our character, not our skin color. Obama’s true character is one of the most highly guarded political secrets in American history.

Dr. King was a Republican, not a Democrat. It was Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the Jim Crow laws and Black Codes. Democrats started the KKK to terrorize blacks and Republicans. The KKK, in today’s vernacular, was the militant wing of the DNC. Democrats fought to prevent the passage of every civil rights law starting with the Civil rights laws of the 1860s right through to the 1950s and 60s. Democrats jailed Dr. King. It was Democrats who loosed the dogs on Dr. King in Birmingham. (His Letter from a Birmingham Jail should be read by all who oppose real tyranny.)

It was Republican President Eisenhower who pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools. Democrats revere President John Kennedy as a proponent of civil rights. However Kennedy voted against the 1957 civil rights act while he was a senator, as did corrupt Democrat Senator Al Gore Senior.  After he became president, JFK was opposed to the 1963 March on Washington by MLK, that was organized by A. Phillip Randolph, a black Republican.

82% of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Only 69% of  Democrats voted for the bill. Republican Senate minority leader Everett Dirksen spoke for the bills proponents on the 100th anniversary of Republican President Lincoln’s 2nd nomination. “The time has come for equality of opportunity in sharing in government, in education, and in employment. It will not be stayed or denied.”  Democrats including Senator Robert “KKK” Byrd obstructed and filibustered the bill to the last minute and before voting against it.

Historical revisionism is part and parcel of political myth making. Smoke a lot of dope, listen to pop music and leftist claptrap for a few decades and they may even convince you that President Lincoln was a racist.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. “

In this famous quote attributed to Lincoln, he seems clearly to be speaking of Democrat Party lies and propaganda of the 1860s. Some things never change.

Note:   I’m a Canadian not a Republican and do not vote in the US. I didn’t even scratch the surface of the Democrat Party’s crimes following the civil war. Why would any black person be a member of the party of slavery and the KKK? Why don’t average Americans know this stuff ? Why don’t Democrats hang their heads in shame to this very day? Aren’t Americans taught this stuff in school?


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……….EL MARCO………..

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64 comments to Racism and Incivility Aimed at Tea Party in Denver

  • Anonymous

    Great post, and great photos. Jacobins are born to kill. Were the french doing cannibalism?

  • I note that the union workers are particularly fond of the Marxist raised fist.

  • Ha!

    I hadda laugh at the Moonbats. The black dude is obviously highly educated and has a job. He is dressed nice, really nice and speaks clearly unlike the obama zombies who are jealous of him. They need to take notes and stop blaming people and get off their frumpy fat a$$e$. I love how they are so in denial of their own racism.

  • Erin

    I love the sign that says ‘Ask not what your union can do for you, but what you can do for your union’…pardon me, but don’t unions *allegedly* exist for the SOLE PURPOSE of doing things for the worker???

    That sign makes it look (a little inadvertant truth telling) like the worker exists to do things for the unions. I think that’s valuable insight into the perspective of union bosses.

    Stay strong, Gov. Walker!!!

  • richard40

    Robinson’s comment that MLK was a repub was pretty interesting. I had never heard that, but it could well be true. At the time MLK was organizing his demonstrations, the south was solid dem, and those southern dems were almost all segregationists, while most repubs were not. And when the orignal civil rights bill was passed, it received a higher % of support from repubs in congress, than it did from dems. I probably never heard about MLK being a repub because it does not fit the leftist narrative well.

    • WSChurchill

      It is well known amongst democrat leaders who try to change history as it suites the dems to keep the blacks on the poverty plantation

  • jr

    It’s really too bad the police hold these goons back. Many of them would probably get a good whipping from the Tea Party if they were able to mix it up a little bit. They’re bullies who would get their comeuppance against real people, and they probably wouldn’t try anything except bluster. But I guess there are enough real crazies in the mob that someone would get hurt.

    It’s amazing how unrealistic they are to think they can bully the people who pay their salaries and benefits. And how little they realize that people are fed up with the poor results we’re getting for all the money we spend.

    The democrat party-union bosses cabal with their media support really think these idiotic demonstrations are going to sway people. Not a chance. Except maybe the opposite of what they intend.

    I’d be surprised if many of these people are really teachers. I volunteer a lot in an elementary school and I don’t know any teachers like these people. And, for what it’s worth, the big expenses in education are all the bureaucrats that make tons of money telling the teachers how to teach, not the teachers–they aren’t paid enough for what they do and what they have to put up with from the bureaucrats, students and parents.

  • flyfish

    Unions, like all parasites, eventually kill their host.

  • Ralph Gizzip

    “That’s your problem. You’re an entrepreneur, so you don’t work. You don’t know what work is until you get into an educational area. … You’re uneducated, unethical, immoral, and you don’t know what life is. That’s your problem. Why don’t you go behind that fence where you belong? Why don’t you go back with your own kind?” She said this indicating towards the bottom of the Capitol Steps, where a couple of hundred tea partiers were gathered listening to speeches.

    Entrepreneurs don’t work?!? And to think these people are teachers.

    How about this? If entrepreneurs don’t work then union members don’t think.

  • The teacher’s sign reads “Who’s freedom are you fighting for,” but any liberal arts major should know not only that the proper word is “whose,” but also that one should never end a sentence with a preposition. The correct sentence is therefore be “For whose freedom are you fighting?”

    The answer, of course, is the ever-shrinking group of us who pay taxes; who work 50 weeks a year; who are lucky to get a company match to our 401(k), rather than get the whole thing paid for; and contribute hundreds of dollars per paycheck to our health insurance, rather than get it all paid for.

  • Edward

    Leland Robinson for any office of his choosing. I would willing, even eagerly, contribute to any campaign where Mr. Robinson is the candidate. Level headed, posed, articulate and successful outside of politics. I gather his home state is Colorado.

    Please Mr. Robinson consider using your obvious talents for the Colorado state house or better yet Congress. Your campaign “war chest” starts here….

    Ed R-

  • AzA

    As a former public (now private) high school history teacher, I weep for my profession. What an utter humiliation these people are.

  • “You don’t know what work is until you’ve been in the educational field.”

    Obviously that woman has never worked outside a school. No danger of her ever being asked to come in on the weekend or postpone a vacation to meet a deadline. No carrying a pager for midnight emergencies or having her holiday plans curtailed by being on-call (or scheduled for the holiday shift like police or hospital workers). No missing her kid’s ceremonies or pageants because she had to visit a client or satellite office in another state for a week.

    No worrying about her job function getting outsourced to India–maybe we need to rethink that. They could do it cheaper, and probably get better results.

  • Forrest

    They probably used non-union illegal aliens that they paid below minimum wage to make their protest signs, typical union hypocrisy.

  • myth buster

    No teacher taught me to read, so none should act entitled to my thanks for it. That honor belongs to my parents and grandparents.

  • John

    The truth is you need unions in work areas that have low skill set levels. Jobs where you are cogs in the machine and require no real education are the prime areas where unions are needed to protect workers from massive exploitation.

    Its obvious that teachers, with their few practical skills and low level of education require union protection. Otherwise, they might be replaced with competent workers whose salary would be determined by performance.

  • John

    The truth is you need unions in work areas that have low skill set levels. Jobs where you are cogs in the machine and require no real education are the prime areas where unions are needed to protect workers from massive exploitation.

    Its obvious that teachers, with their few practical skills and low level of education require union protection. Otherwise, they might be replaced with competent workers who would whose salary would be determined by performance.

  • BW

    It is clear to me that the pro-union thugs are racist. They and their patron, the Democratic Party, demand the loyalty of African Americans and if they don’t get it, they spill out of their mouths what is in their hearts. They are dIsgusting, hateful, selfish, immoral, hypocrites and they are tearing this country apart. Have they no shame?

  • Great work as always. Your posts and pics just keep getting better.

  • JKM

    My comment was addressed to the poster saying it was the middle class vs. the Republicans. I think it ended up in the wrong place.

    That said, thank you so much, all of you, for what you are doing. I couldn’t believe it when I read the interview. The teacher seemed upset that a (black?) man was there “dressed to the nines.”

    I’m a teacher, too. Not working, but when I do, I make $40,000 after 10 years. I’m glad to have a good job working with lots of time off and good benefits. These people make teachers look bad.

  • JKM

    Why are you pretending that the Tea Party is not a middle-class organization? They are obviously a mix of Americans from all walks of life, while the other side is a small group of protected workers. Your comment loses credibility when you pretend not to know that Tea Party is a middle-class organization.

  • Great Article El Marco. Please feel free to use that video I sent if you need to, I have released it.

    I also listed a link to this story at my site

    Great Job


  • Mal

    Thanks El Marco for the pictures and story. Thanks to Mr Robinson and the patriots who went out of their way to represent the sane.

  • I was a teaparty counter-demonstrator at the organized union protest in Denver on February 22nd. I have put my own pictures and comments at this link:


    I was personally threatened with harm by an enraged union man who lunged out at me. No harm done but this guy was HUGE and I am 70 years old. Feel the love…

  • Incitatus

    “These people don’t even realize that Martin Luther King was a Republican too.”



  • TimPundit

    I support the middle class protesters against the Koch controlled Republican Governor. And more and more Americans are coming around to the people’s side against the wealthy elites that make up most of the Republican Party.

    But Scott Walker deserves some thanks. He’s awoken a sleeping giant all across the country. Middle class workers can no longer assume they are safe from the Tea Party, they have to fight back.

    • BW

      “Fight back”. Sounds combative and not civil. I guess if your not protesting against national health care, anything goes. How pathetically transparent.

    • I support the middle class protesters Soros-deluded Re-, er, Progressive whiners against the Koch controlled principled Republican Governor. And more and more Americans are coming around to the people’s side against the wealthy elites and useful idiots that make up most of the Republican Democrat Party.

      But Scott Walker deserves some thanks. He’s awoken a sleeping giant exposed the true nature of the Progressive Left all across the country. Middle class workers can no longer assume they are safe from the Tea Party having their wealth confiscated by a greedy and arrogant public sector, they have to fight back.

      You can thank the teachers who taught me how to communicate and analyze, many years ago, before Progressives and their union overlords leadership ruined our educational system, for the editing above.

      You, like they, have swallowed the Biggest Lie of All … that you are incapable of charting your own destiny, but must depend upon a few, detached Best and Brightest to make your decisions FOR you, without recourse when they get it wrong … hook, line and sinker.

      Despite their erudition …
      And academic pedigree …
      The Best and the Brightest look instead
      like a box of dim bulbs to me …

    • A_Nonny_Mouse

      TimPundit: This article is about the protest in Denver. The “Koch controlled Republican Governor” of Colorado is a Democrat named John Hickenlooper. The prior governor was a Democrat named Bill Ritter.

      If your whine/rant is referring to the brouhaha in Wisconsin, you will of course recall the governor REFUSED to go along with the proposed tactics of the telephone hustler who falsely represented himself as Mr. Koch.

      Now why don’t you turn your attention to the Democrats of this country who have apparently sold their souls to the Marxist-loving Progressives? Just listen to them fomenting class warfare. Check out those signs praising “The Workers” and disparaging “The Rich” (and also wailing about “dictators” and “Nazis”… C’mon, doofuses, nobody’s building gas chambers for union workers in this country. Get a grip.)

      Ask yourself “Who pays the inflated wages and generous benefits of government union workers?” The answer is “Tax money collected from people in the PRIVATE SECTOR”. Remember, the PRIVATE SECTOR is at 9% “official” unemployment, and is estimated at something like 17% when you count those who have “fallen off” their unemployment benefits plus folks who can only find part-time employment. The days of “plenty of money to go around” are now behind us. We are $14 TRILLION in the hole. The number of government workers needs to be DRASTICALLY cut, at both state and federal levels.

  • JCAL

    UNions…the ultimate self licking ice cream cone.

  • In Australia,the Public school teachers and unfortunately a growing number of private school teachers are regarded as a joke.

    They are the people who would not be able to get a real job, people too scared to leave school, their parents are replaced by the Union and their living expenses are paid by the tax payers and wealth creators.

    Most parents regard these self indulgent pampered pooches as bad influence on their children.
    It is difficult however for parents to enunciate their objections to the Green Islamist Marxism taught in Australian schools and many find themselves deprogramming their children on many moral and social issues at home.
    They remind me of the children of Pol Pot year Zero.

    If teachers were paid on what they produce they would owe the taxpayers of Australia around $20,000 a year for their lifelong “play in the sand pit”

  • peter dodge

    For most of us a work year is 365 days minus 2 weeks vacation (14 days)minus 100 weekend days minus 12 holidays which is 239 working days. If teachers work 180 days that is 75% of the work week of most working Americans. A 40,000 salary (not counting benefits at all) would be equivalent to about 53,000 in pay for the trsditional work year, or $26.50 per hour, assuming an 8 hour work day. Now, there are teachers that stay and teach when the bell rings and there are those who shoot out the door and are gone. There are teachers that work at the kitchen table all evening to make a better lesson and those that don’t. We really need a way to get the dead head teachers out of the system along with those who administer them. I spent 2 years on a school board and just about everything that passed by concerned the employment of adults. I personally see that Charter Schools do a better job of educating kids IF they are subjected to good financial managment and auditing. Of course Public schools ahould be closely audited, too. The way it is now is not working very well for students. Parents need to get more involved and they need to focus on EDUCATION of THEIR children. Teachers who are doing a crummy job know who they are and their peers know too. It is a pity for them and a waste of their lives to remain in that place where childrens education suffers. The problems cannot be fixed until we, the taxpayers and parents gauin control of our schools and that includes control of strikes, sickouts, priveleges and the like.

  • Judy

    It’s amazing the way liberals think. There is a Bloomberg story about this rally that quotes a teacher: “I wish I had a trust fund so I could stand out here and criticize!” shouted union backer Barbara Gabriel, who teaches history at Metropolitan State College of Denver and sided with the unions.
    The only way she can imagine having enough money to care what the government does with taxpayers’ dollars is to have a trust fund. Un-frickin’-believable.
    Like the purple shirted woman in one of the pictures above telling the entrepreneur “You don’t know what work is until you’ve been in the educational field.” OMG.

  • Great report Marco!
    I had seen the video before, but your photos are outstanding!

  • I applaud what you do… really. A picture is worth a thousand words, etc. Thank you!
    As much as I appreciate and ‘enjoy’ the pix, your narrative is priceless. Also, I was wondering why the RSS link is empty and I ultimately found the latest on your/this blog.

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  • […] They called the 52-year-old limousine driver “son” and subjected him to this ugly, racia… […]

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  • […] she’s trying to dig herself out. To her credit, she later copped to the racism in her remark, telling blogger El Marco “What I said is racist, but I am not a […]

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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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