A lone photojournalist exposes the madness.

TAX DAY REVOLT- Washington DC 2010

Washington DC, Thursday,April 15 – by El Marco

The Tea Party Express, which started its journey in Senator Harry Reid’s hometown – Searchlight, Nevada – finished its tour of 43 cities today. Thousands from across the country gathered at 10 a.m. to hear speakers and musicians, and to show their displeasure with big corrupted government. This was the first of two mega-rallies in the capital, with the second at 4 p.m. Many signs ridiculed the biased and discredited MSM and political leaders who have been attacking and slandering the tea-party movement for over a year now .

_________     The Snow-Brine family travelled from Maine.    _________

Marty Dettner from Wheaton, Illinois has a sense of humor. I certainly hope his wife does too.

I have long considered utopian dreamers to be the most dangerous people in the world. History has shown they are too often so  committed to their ideology that anyone that disagrees is seen only as an obstacle to be swept away. That is the deep insight that underpins the framers design in the US constitution. They understood that the human personality will always produce strong willed tyrants and the people must be protected from them. That is why it emphasizes limiting and separating the power of those in government. Americas leftists have always found the constitution as an inconvenience to their dreams of “restructuring society”.

More than 5,000 gathered in Freedom Plaza, near the White House.

That’s Joe McCarthy on the left. A gallery with todays crop of zealous power-grabbers on the right.

These flags are of a new design symbolizing a second American revolution. They are now commonly seen at Tea Parties.


John Thompson from DC said he is a committed conservative. And a brave one too, I’d say, considering what happened to Kenneth Gladney for doing exactly the same thing: selling Gadsden flags.

One government official was tarred and feathered at the Boston Tea Party of 1773. This guy is a history buff with a sense of humor. After the rally he was seen dining at a high-end restaurant, feathers on, but mask removed. Later I saw him at the second mega-rally of the day at the Washington monument. The sign on the right is a Seinfeld gag.

Farmer Obama isn’t at all popular with the cash cow. The buckets he carries are marked Dodd, Byrd, Miller, Hagen, Pelosi, Frank, and Eteridge.

This man drove to D.C. from Overland Park, Kansas.

Michelle Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, addressed the crowd, who just love her.

Dick Armey, former house Republican majority leader, is now chairman of Freedomworks, a major Tea Party organizing group. Sorry, no video yet.

Allison Ly, from Herndon, Virginia, brought her father, Daniel Snell.

Vadim Yespkin from New Jersey, and Michael Koloden from Brooklyn were born in Russia. Koloden said “I lived under socialism, so I know how to recognize it.” This is the second time I’ve seen them at a D.C. Tea Party rally. The first time was at the conservative Woodstock on 9/12/2009.


I arrived at the second rally of the day just before sunset. A very large crowd of up to 50,000 were relaxing on the lawns to the north of the Washington Monument, directly south of the White House.

Deneen Borelli, of Project 21, a network of black conservatives based in Washington, D.C., talked about spending, and she also addressed the media labeling of tea party participants as racists. “Play the race card is a losing game. It’s old, it’s tired. What else have you got?”

These little girls were absolutely fascinated with the best George Washington I’ve ever seen.

These folks from Maryland are dressed as America’s first National Guard soldiers and camp followers. The flag is Maryland’s colonial flag. I asked them what parallels they saw between the historical revolution and today’s Tea Party movement. They reacted in a ‘what, are you kidding’ kind of way. Then they talked about taxation, the people not having a voice, etc. etc.

Collins Bailey from Maryland’s 5th Congressional District hopes to defeat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Hoyer was a judge until he was impeached from the bench for forging letters which were presented as evidence in his own court room. Go, Collins, go!

UPDATE: Commentors have pointed out that Hoyer is not the impeached judge in the Dem. party. It’s Alcee Hastings. Hard to keep up with all the dirt. What is Hoyer famous for? In the words of R. Simon, Democrat, vis a vis Obamacare :

” in the grand tradition of totalitarian regimes everywhere, you employed “any means necessary” to make sure your ends were achieved, bribing and threatening your fellow Congressmen and women, etc. It is small wonder that our people are angry. It would be amazing if it were otherwise.

You have reaped a whirlwind by subverting a democracy. Now you must deal with it. The Democratic Party is no longer “progressive” or “liberal.” It is reactionary. And you and your cohorts have forever defined yourselves as reactionary politicians.”

Here’s Collins Bailey with supporters from his district.

At the morning rally I photographed this supporter of candidate Charles Lollar, another Republican contender from Maryland’s 5th Congressional District hoping to defeat Steny Hoyer. (I didn’t notice her shirt til I was editing photos later.)

There were three giant screens and the crowd was widely dispersed on the hill leading up to the Washington Monument.

The stage is located above the CHANGE IT BACK sign. This photo represents approximately one sixth of the crowd.

George Gennaro, and his son Tom Gennaro from Maryland

Lord Christopher Monckton, formerly top science advisor to British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, said “You may be asking ‘Why is a British peer of the realm addressing a crowd of American patriots?’ Well, here’s why: because I love freedom, because I love America, and because you have come here to stand up and be counted for freedom and for America, I love you!” He gave one of the most memorable speeches I have ever witnessed. The video below is amateur but the sound is what’s important.

After he spoke, I invited Lord Monckton to mingle with the crowd out front of the stage for photos. He absolutely loved it and signed autographs with a calligraphic flourish reminiscent of John Hancock’s. He is a real charmer, and the crowd fell in love with him.

Carrington, Nicole, and Erica are from Port St. Lucie, Florida. This was their first Tea Party. They are members of Titans Student Government Association at Treasure Coast High School.

These are coal miners and their families. The man standing behind the woman in the pink shirt addressed the rally. When he said “America bows to no one” he received a massive cheer. He spoke about how cap and trade is designed to destroy the coal industry and their livelihoods.

I asked this Washington D.C. officer how the crowd was, after the Tea Party Express rally ended. He said “These people are great. It’s like a day off, very relaxing.”

Jeff Fulmer from New Jersey held a sign reading: “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical” – Thomas Jefferson. He posed with his pal from Pennsylvania, Andre Harns.


UPDATE: Denver Tax Day –  The lefty longhair drops f-bombs and g-d’s on everyone in sight. He had no press pass, his two person crew were carrying their microphone equip in a plastic shopping bag but HE claimed to be from the Wall St. Journal and was attempting to interview attendees about racism. h/t Dinah Lord

And from ZOMBIE –  Crashing the Crashers: Tea Party Infiltrators Outmaneuvered in S.F.

White NBC Reporter Confronts Black Man at Tea Party Rally: ‘Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable?’

A wake up call to all Americans from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) – (formerly the “General Accounting Office”). VIDEO


Below are links to El Marco’s previous photo-essays which chronicle the history of the Tea Party movement.


The incomparable blogger Zombie did a comparison of my Searchlight Teaparty photos and photos from a leftist “anti-war” rally which occurred  7 days prior in Los Angeles. The contrast between Teaparty patriots and the leftists is a scandal.  Prepared for a shock?  – Click HERE



……….EL MARCO………..

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48 comments to TAX DAY REVOLT- Washington DC 2010

  • IS IT TIME?! Go to USRevolution2 (dot com) and get your flag of the Second American Revolution. They look exactly like the flag of Betsy Ross, but with a Roman numeral “II” in the center of the 13 stars. They are made in American (Texas) and are now seen on FoxNews nearly every day. Our flag also appeared recently in episode 7 of this season “Weeds” on Showtime. This flag is now in all 50 states and spreading from porch to porch. They make great gifts for family, friends and recovering Liberals.

  • kim segar

    Gives me hope and America is waking up, too bad all these picture did not play on every TV station in America and beyond..they should..one way or the other we are going to take our country back, by voting the freaks out or just take it..we will do whatever it takes..PERIOD..

  • I love your post was really interesting, but I was wondering If the US senate has a hard time understanding the new health care bill from Obama how can common folks? When will we be able to understand what he has done?

    • admin


      Easy just read Krauthammer, Dick Morris and Malkin. Steyn can fill you in on what a disaster Canada’s and Britain’s systems are for the people in those countries. The “common folks” also listen to Rush and other conservatives as well as reading.

      El Marco

  • Dan Schlüter

    Great collection of fotos…but even a greater collection of people.
    Yeah the signs are clever,…yeah the speakers fired us up,…yeah the day was perfect.
    BUT most of all,…the Tea party demonstrators can gather by the 10’s of thousands on a Thursday evening all across America and confront the menace that grows bolder every day.

    And our pathetic CinC expects us to say thank you for the chains he is forging against our Liberties. Gulom said it best…

    “Go away and NEVER come back!!!”

  • mickey c. ross

    thanks for all that you do I wish I could have been there but I had to work so I could pay my taxes


  • Mary in LA

    Beautiful photo essay!

    In the fourth photo from the top, in the middle, there’s a sign partially visible that says, “It’s not about his race, it’s about his race…”, but the bottom of the sign cannot be seen. I was at the DC rally on the 15th, and I remember that sign — I’m pretty sure I got a good shot of it, which I’ll be happy to send to you. It says, in full, “It’s not about his race, it’s about his race TO BANKRUPTCY!”

    • admin

      Thanks Mary; Try to send the shot as a small Jpeg attached to another comment. Lets see if it will work. Marco

      • Mary in LA

        Okay, great! I’ll see if I can send the photo tonight when I get home.
        BTW, I meant to add that the bottom of the sign shows Obama driving over a cliff in a race car.

  • Lori McGuire

    What a great photo essay. Remember, for every person who took the time and spent the money to go to DC there are many many more of us who support the Tea Party ideals but couldn’t be there. The lefties are TERRIFIED of the Tea Party and can’t understand the fact that most Americans want a smaller, less intrusive, less powerful government and (gasp!) individual liberty and responsibility. Keep up the great work El Marco!

  • Cathy Cloud

    As always, beautiful photography and insightful reporting! Sorry we missed you in D.C.

  • Bubba

    Hey Ed Kenneth – watch who you are calling names! Might be one of these A%^$&#oles” who is paying your salary.

  • Kaitian

    Are you sure about the information regarding Hoyer? Do you mean Alcee Hastings?

    • admin

      My bad. I got the story right but the wrong Dem. Hey I’m on the road and bloging from Starbucks. But seriously thank you for catching that. Your not the first. What’s Hoyer famous for? Oh yeah, bribing or threatening and blackmailing Dems who did not want to vote for Obamacare. ….Marco

  • Stan Kreis

    Marco, great photography! Not just the technicalities of creating a picture, but in the concept of a photo essay. Great work. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then many pictures are an even greater multiple of that 1000 words. I am impressed by the power of a properly done photo essay. This needs to get around.

  • Where were all these people during the Bush years? As he chiseled away at our rights with the patriot act and misleading wars? OUR hands are tied now, not because of decisions this administration has made but because of decisions leading back to Ronald Reagan.

    Wise up people. You’re being taken for a ride here. The longer you insist Barack Obama is a muslim, or foreigner or even a danger to our nation, the longer this nation stands still, lamenting in previous sins we have yet to atone for.

    We need to get our thinking caps on, and start working so our children’s children aren’t sharecroppers for big corporations (you know the guys that have been backing both parents, but the republican party seems to pander to the most).

    I’ll admit our political environment isn’t ideal, however we’ve got a level-headed moderate in the oval office. What more do you want?

    • Stan Kreis


      Where were you when Obama was singing the praises of FDR who interned over 100,000 Japanese Americans during WW II? My guess: you sang the praises of FDR too. Did that not say something both about how far we have strayed from the Constitution and about how the Left only attacks the right when it is to their advantage on the issues of constitutionality? George Bush was not comparable to FDR’s perfidy by orders of magnitude.

      As to the class warfare game your worldview encompases, I can agree with you on not becomming vassels to the corporations. Fine. But Obama and his administration do not live in a vacuum and if he is in power, then why are the corporations working with him if not to save their own hides. In other words, if they are so nefarious and at the same time Obama truly opposes their power, then why are they working with him? They helped elect him. So, either he is their nightmare or he is not. My vote is that he is not.

      And if he is not, then what is he?

      The answer lies in understanding how governmental power works in our society. Corporations are about doing business, investment and making money and they realize governments can affect their goals. They have to affect control, or control will be affected over them. At the same time, they are not monolithic, so they even compete against each other over control of the governmental apparatus. Thus, they form incomplete and often non-permanent competing groups which interact with the governmental apparatus to maintain their abilities to do business in their favor. That is not so bad and is expected.

      Given the exigencies of the economic, poltical and social landscape in the entire world, and particularly in the vastly powerful United States, they elect Presidents they think will be better for their business. So Obama represents one grouping against another of these corporate titans.

      And you, in wanting to oppose serfdeom, are playing right into their hands.

      I think the founding fathers understood all this, and also the need to avoid the sort of problem presented by the class warfare during the French Revolution (knowing capitalism was better), imposed a Constitution designed to make it difficult for powerful people to gain control through nefarious use of government.

      He is not a level headed moderate. He represents one part of the power structure who has come to think that socialism is a better way to rule and control the people for the good of themselves.

  • Ed Kenneth

    A lot of photos of a lot of ignorant, ill-informed assholes.

  • Fantastic compilation. Lord Monckton’s speech brought a tear to my eye. Found this post from a Jim Treacher tweet (@jtLOL).

  • Joshua

    In regard to Steny Hoyer, I can’t find any evidence that he was a judge, much less that he was ever impeached. He wouldn’t even have had time to be a judge, because he has spent almost the entirety of the last 44 years since graduating from law school either as a Maryland state legislator or as a congressman. You may be thinking of somebody else instead, but I don’t know who.

  • defendUSA

    I saw the guys with the Russian signs, too. We’ve got a photo from 9/12. Too cool. Great photos. By Now you have seen the idiot Kelly O’Donnell ask the black guy if he felt out of place…Geesus, the media is full of morons!! Great Photos.

    • admin

      Thanks, yes I linked to the video above. Pretty well all the blacks I spoke to were of the same mind. Decent minded and kind hearted. My kind of people.

      EL Marco

  • Great photos, El Marco! Incredible signs and good folks there in DC. I almost felt like I was there. Thank you.

    P.S. I was wondering where you were at Denver’s rally, buddy. Now, I know!

  • In a word, EXCELLENT!!!

    Beautiful photos of great Americans.

    Thanks so much.

  • Matt P


  • George B. Patterson

    Just awesome. Keep up the fight!!!

  • WV Clinger

    My deepest gratitude to all these people who stand not only for themselves but also for millions of us who couldn’t get there. May G-d continue to bless America.

  • Outstanding photos! Posting these shows what the lamestream media will not show.

    Wish that I could have attended.

  • No One covers the truth better than El Marco.
    You deserve a Pulitzer for your work!

  • steve scholze

    God bless these real Americans. Wish I could have been there….will be next time.
    Steve – Pittsburgh

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