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Doctors Against Obamacare – Rally in D.C.

September 10, 2009, Washington, D.C.  –  by EL MARCO

Today doctors, nurses and other medical professionals came to Washington, D.C. from across the country to show their opposition to Obamacare. This rally exploded the government-created myth that there is unanimity amongst health care professionals for Democrat plans to take over health care. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons came to D.C. to present a petition from doctors to lawmakers. The AAPS has been a voice for private physicians since 1943. Their motto is Omani pro aegroto, “all for the patient”. The doctors met with the representatives from their respective states and argued for a platform that avoids unnecessary  bureaucratic intervention in health care.

_MG_0200-3xxDr. Shannon Norris, a radiologist from Atlanta, holds a People’s Cube poster describing Obamacare as offering “the efficiency of the Postal Service, the sustainability of Social Security and all the compassion of the IRS”.


_MG_0061Dr. Steven Ellison, a cardiologist from Georgia, displays graphically how doctors feel about being targeted by a party and president that slander and demonize them. On the podium, speaker after speaker talked about the slurs President Obama has made about doctors performing unnecessary amputations and tonsillectomies out of greed. Not only is it untrue that doctors profit from these procedures, but the premise that they would do such harm to their patients is an insult to doctors.


_MG_0213Dr. Hal Scherz, a pediatric urologist from Atlanta, founded Docs for Patient Care to voice doctors’ opposition to the “big rush” for a big government solution to health care reform. The organization of doctors suggests practical proposals such as tort reform, insurance reform, and opening up insurance pools between states.

Their petition to Congress can be found at TakeBackMedicine.com:

Physicians can no longer allow medical care in this country to be controlled by government and insurance companies 

Current reform options purport to be “cure-alls” for every American. But we know that every patient is different, and just like patients, there is no single big-government solution to change health care in this country. 

Instead, we need more diversity in solutions. 

Therefore, I support changes that address the following issues:

Petition point: 1. INDEPENDENCE: Doctors are professionals. They answer to their patients, not the government or an insurance company or any other third party. Treatments should be decided by doctor and patient exclusively.

_MG_0277“We are not the enemy,” said Dr. Joyce Lovitt, a pediatrician from Georgia.

Petition point2. VALUE OUR SERVICES: Physicians have a right to be paid a market-based fee for their services, and to be paid at the time of service or within a reasonable period.

_MG_0252Dr. Lovitt: “Patients, we will cover your backs if you do not tie our hands behind our backs.”

Petition point 3. DOCTORS ARE NOT INSURANCE BILLING CLERKS: Physicians should not be forced to act as billing or collection agents for third-parties, whether private insurance or the government.

Petition point  4. REGULATIONS GET BETWEEN PHYSICIANS & PATIENTS: Excessive regulatory burden on physicians is interfering with patient care. We must decrease regulations, not pass more.

_MG_0057 Petition point 5. LIABILITY COSTS MUST BE REDUCED: Costly defensive treatment and tests, and predatory litigation result in excessive liability costs for physicians and patients alike.

_MG_0108Dr. Scott Barbour, an orthopedic surgeon from Atlanta addresses the rally.

Petition point 6. AUTONOMY: Neither physicians nor patients should be forced to participate in government nor private health care plans or programs.

_MG_0051 Petition point 7. RIGHT TO CONTRACT: Neither physicians nor patients should be prohibited from entering into mutually agreeable private contracts for services and payments.


_MG_0055Petition point 8. PRIVACY: Physicians must not be forced to disclose patient records without the express consent of patients.


Dr. Phil Gingery, U.S. Congressman from Georgia addresses the Rally.




_MG_0172Dr. Michael Schlitt, a neurosurgeon from Seattle. He spoke about a woman in England who had an aneurism and was told by the National Health Service that there was nothing they could do for her. They told her to enjoy her last few days. She came to the U.S. and was treated by Dr. Schlitt and is fine today. “Show me a place where patients can get MRI’s the same day.” and the crowd responded with a rousing “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”  “Who’s got the best medical care in the world?” “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” 


_MG_0168Howard Long, from Pleasanton, California is “a country doctor.” 







The basic question comes down to who do you want making your health care decisions. Do you want them made in a doctor’s office with men like these? Or do you want them made by bureaucrats and congressional “staffers”  in an office in the building below?



UPDATE:  OCT. 5 2009  –  Obama Astroturfs whitehouse lawn with democrat Docs!  –  What the media won’t tell you is that the doctors were former members of the “Doctors for Obama” organization. GATEWAY PUNDIT 

UPDATE:  Sunday, September 20, 2009,  Dr. C. L. Gray, President, Physicians for Reform, writes exclusively for Pamela at Atlas Shrugs.


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93 comments to Doctors Against Obamacare – Rally in D.C.

  • JohnMD

    As a doctor, I am extremely disappointed by President Obama’s statement that physicians perform unnecessary procedures/surgeries out of greed. My patients come first. When I made the decision to become a physician, I wanted to dedicate my time and life to providing the best and most compassionate care possible. After receiving a bachelors in science (4 years), I went to medical school (4 years) and residency (5 years). These 13 years of my life was dedicated to developing my mind so I could provide the best care possible. So how does our President describe my physician colleagues and I? He states that instead of doing what’s best for the patient, we look at reimbursements to decide patient care. He states we do unnecessary tonsillectomies for a “sore throat” to make money (youtube video: Obama- Doctors taking tonsils out for money). Again, my patients come first and I am dedicated to their best interest. I would never perform an unnecessary surgery. Also, the President stated we make $50,000 for an amputation. For an amputation for diabetes, medicare will reimburse $879.21. No surgeon makes $50,000 as the President stated (youtube video: Doctors Choose Amputations because Surgeons Get Paid More). In fact, malpractice insurance can be 50K, sometimes more. It’s embarrassing that our own President does not have correct information on how the billing in our health care system works. Does he even understand our health care system? If we truly want health care reform, why are we not focusing on tort reform or adjusting malpractice insurance rates? These factors make significant contributions to the cost of health care. I understand the President’s point- prevention of medical complications is important, but I do not agree with his slander of physicians and the misinformation he gives the American people. I strongly oppose Obamacare because I do not want the government interfering in my relationships with patients. When I look at government run systems (inefficient DMV and Postal Service, mismanaged funds of Social Security), I cannot trust the government to manage something so important as healthcare. Do you?

  • Thank you to all of you. I am praying for the Medical Pros.

  • Flavor of Freedom

    I’m glad to see the Doctors getting involved! We need all the help that we can get!! I feel that we need to stop saying that our system is “BROKEN”!! WE ARE NOT BROKEN!! Sure, there are things that need to be changed, but broken…NOT! To me, if something is broken, then it CAN’T be FIXED!! The U.S. does NOT need major surgery! We just need to use our heads and figure it out!! We don’t need Government to turn our GREAT NATION into a bunch of dependent babies!!!

  • Judi

    I am not a Doctor. And I am scared and don’t want UNIVERSAL/single payer/Gov’t run HealthCare (this is different in that if I lose job, perhaps a subsidized programs to help until one gets back on he/her own feet)…I look at our school, our DMV, our post office, anything gov’t run/ran, they all went broke and then cutting services. WHAT MAKE HEALTHCARE any different. I don’t know HOW STUPID and how people think this is “FREE” healthcare. NOTHING is FREE. IT is going to be in TAXATION and in cutting service. I am a Californian. Look at our budget crisis. Look at our school. Look at all the companies leaving and outsourcing. And when it comes to everything control by gov’t, WHERE do you turn? Complain? Yeah. Sure. I like my doctors. I like my healthplan. I like having my own choices.

  • This is the only place I heard about this rally. Thank you again for sharing more of the truth about Obamacare -& how it will hurt us!!!!

  • Great Article! Pray for America to remain free from the clutches of socialism.

  • I hope you can hook up with Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.
    I have been looking for a way to contact you to re-post your blog with permission. I have linked your site. I hope that’s sufficient because your work needs to be spread widely.
    Thank you!

  • grandma Sharon

    HELL NO – We will not buy into this!! Look around – See the many doctors, hospitals, nurses, etc. that have to take the scraps left. I relate this to A Meal With Mr. O … He eats the steak, potatoes, etc. WE Americans get — the fat, the bone, and anything left over. This is not how the American Medical Care should go — WE should all get the Steak, Potato, etc. We will not settle for the left overs. STOP MR. O — Protect our dedicated medical field workers. HELL NO – NO GOVERNMENT MEDICAL CARE. The HMO’s are bad enough – Think if the complete American Medical System had to jump though those hoops. FREEDOM OF MEDICAL CHOICE !!!! Send Mr. O back to Chicago and let the worse doctors there take care of him … Maybe he would like to use a clinic for his and his families care !!! He would not — Don’t make us either!!

  • evelyn edwards

    I agree with all of these doctors, nurses, sr. citizens, and all category of politicians that are attempting to fight this Obama-derived form of healthcare. It is an insult to our intellgence as people and Americans to try and put this over on us…Obama needs a lesson in what real living and spending is all about; obviously, this excludes ALL of his plans. God bless all the people in this country fighting to preserve our healthcare system. Does it need streamling and updating? Certainly…but not the OBama way!!!!

  • mindy rodriguez

    Doctors of America…thank you for coming to DC and rallying for patient/doctor care…we seniors went to DC on 9 12 but obama wouldn’t listen to us!


  • Betty Boggs

    It is time for our Doctors to take back healthcare once again. Insurance is out of control but we do not need government controlled healthcare.They need to stop now.We also need to make Congress a 2 term just lik the Presidency. Spending has been out of control for the past 8 years and it continue. We the people need to speak out on many things NOW!!

  • Julie Easterling

    If physicians are willing to go back to the old way of doing things where health insurance was not needed, why not! It will lower the cost, get insurance bureocracy out of the way, and keep government from interferring with a field they know little about.
    I for one would love to see that happen.

  • Cindy Callant, RN, MSN

    We do not need or want the Health Bills written by Congress. Improvements are needed and we should start with:
    1. Tort reform so MD’s do not have to practice defensive medicine.
    2. Insurance reform, so self employed individuals can purchase affordable insurance, pre-exhisting conditions do not prevent an individual from obtaining coverage, and individuals are not dropped from plans due to the need of the insurance company to save money.
    3. Insurance coverage should be required for all citizens, similar to auto insurance, minimum coverage should be required, eg catastrophic coverage
    4. No free health care unless unless genuinely impoverished or disabled and unalbe to work. Everyone should have a share of cost, share of cost may be greater for smokers, alcholics, and obesity, with decreasing costs as health improve.
    5. Allow MD’s to bill for preventitive care, allow individuals to submit insurance claims for services proven by research to improve health.
    6. Allow individuals access to all insurance availble by US companies, no matter what State, so people can shop for what they need, allow free enterprise to meet customer needs.
    7. Goverment programs may be good, but typically have extremely high over head costs and very inefficient billing systems. Goverment programs require more paper work that takes practicioners away for delivering care. I want my doctor to make my health care decisions, not the government.

  • Frank Zephyr

    I am a “senior citizen”. I for one do not like the Government always trying to “take things over”. When they do it seem we lose services and pay more for what we get. A good example is the postal system, they keep raising the peice of stamps to mail a first class letter and cut back on the services. The Government “thinks” it knows what it doing, but I don’t think they really do. Their pockets get fuller and ours emptier due to their knowing better!

  • John, MD

    Against ObamaCare, For God’sCare! The Right to Life for all humanity!
    Obama health care will be a detriment to quality health care to all American citizens, and withholding health care to senior citizens is immoral. John

  • Cheri

    Thank you for giving us a voice, I cringe every time Obama says that physicians and nurse’s are behind him. As a nurse for over 25 years in a large hospital I DO NOT support IT! Thank you!! Wish I knew about the protest, what is with the deaf ears in the media??

  • rebecca

    We the people give a tremendous thank you to all who were able to be there and make your voices heard. THANK YOU to all of the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Thank you for speaking for our children whose voices are small right now but will be large in the years to come. This is the first time I have read anything about this rally. God’s Peace to you all.

  • April Bartlett

    Awesome…I am behind them all the way as a nurse, a patient and an American.

  • While working in a VA hospital during medical school, I saw what government-run healthcare was like. One morning, a dead patient was laying in the hallway, perhaps 20 feet from the nursing station. I was struck by how none of the nurses seemed to notice him, so I approached them (being a somewhat timid medical student at the time) and said, “Excuse me, but the man over there . . .”

    The nurse curtly cut me off. “The next shift will take care of him.”

    I was taken aback by her cold response. I thought of how he earned the right to be treated in a VA hospital by serving during World War 2. Not only was this an undignified way to treat him, but it also showed a lack of respect for the other patients, many of whom were walking in the hallway.

    On another occasion, I ordered a test for a patient. The test result was never placed in his chart, so I called the lab to check on it. The technician explained that the test was canceled because they exceeded their budget for the week. Without fully realizing the finality of a bureaucratic “no,” I said that I would re-order the test.

    “If you do that,” I was told, “we will just cancel it again. You’ll need to wait until next week, and then re-order it.”

    President Obama asserts that his healthcare plan would not create “death panels.” While there won’t be any bureaucracy labeled as such, there will be countless cold, uncaring bureaucrats telling doctors how to practice medicine. They will insist that we order fewer tests and procedures, and always choose the third-rate option if it’s cheaper. If a patient dies while waiting to be treated, or dies from his third-rate treatment, Obama hopes that you are dumb enough to think that the patient died from a doctor’s mistake, not from a government death panel. Obama and his lawyer friends want people to believe that doctors are the ones who should be held accountable for the results of this government-mandated rationing . . . and if you don’t think rationing is coming, I have a bridge I want to sell to you. The government was rationing healthcare years ago when it had a budget surplus. The government will assuredly not be any more generous now that we’re in a recession and our national debt has grown by trillions of dollars.

    There are some common-sense, practical, and effective ways to spend less while giving patients better healthcare. Obama isn’t interested in improving healthcare; he is interested in expanding the power of the Federal government so that control freaks like him have more power to feed their bloated egos.

  • Bob M.

    I attended the rally and was suprised to hear one of the speaking doctors state: “NATIONALIZED HEALTHCARE KILLS!”. The first thing aspiring doctors learn is: “DO NO HARM!”. I also found out that the Obama administration NEVER asked the DOCTORS about “his plan”. Also, there is NO “his plan” only the plans written up by special interest groups like the “APOLLO ALLIANCE” and then given to Congress to push on us. If Congress wrote the bill, then I wonder why they haven’t “READ THE BILL”!!!

  • iggymom

    This is the only place I’ve seen anything reported on this important rally! Next is the March on the Media, “Operation Can you hear us now”! October 17th, 2009. At every major news outlet, in your home cities at the affiliates. Please consider joining us.

  • Sherry-Beth


  • Kathryn Carter

    Thank you Doctors for speaking our for us the people!! I certainly don’t want the government controling my doctors that have been so good to me and kept me alive for 22 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Louis J. Smith MD

    I commend and agree with all of the MD’s protesting in DC. I’m a retired MD and am no longer active due to my age. Continue the good fight.

  • Lee Egg

    Its all about control of our medical records and thus our lives. Think about it. Follow the money. Its all about control of our medical records!

  • I am not a Doctor.I am,and have been for 20 years a Banker.This Obamacare is a lefty power grab.It will cause an inflation twice as bad as the one caused by that coward Jimmy Carter.Taxes will go sky high.The Gov’t will print more fiat money to cover up the FACT that it is a failure.I challenge ANYONE to show me ONE Gov’t social(socialist) program that has ever worked.

  • Sherrie Cain

    Thank you to all of you who were there protesting! This Obama-care is an abomination!

  • Kathy

    I have been a nurse for 31 years. Never have I been more alarmed at what is going on with health care than I am now. We MUST NOT allow this socialistic president to take our health care and fashion it after his ideas. Am I the only one who wonders how a first term nobody senator was raising 20 million dollars a month through the internet last year this time? We have the best health care in the world. We need not force people to “buy” insurance. Please let’s take our country back from the people who would try to destroy all our parents have sacrificed for. When is the next tea party?

  • Steven Gloyd

    The simply facts about healthcare reform and Obama’s plan for healthcare reform are getting misinterpretted by the media. Now after Obama’s speech last week the debate is really raging, but so far there hasn’t been a plausable plan presented. You all need to know that everything Obama has stated is not going to work and is unconsistent with his views before the election.


    Two of my doctors are deeply concerned that their practices will not be sustainable under many of the proposed governmental changes. They sincerely want to care for their patients, I know, I’ve been a patient for many years.

  • Gloria Tornbom

    We are seniors and are totally happy with our health care. It frightens us to think of the government taking over our health care. It sounds like total control of our lives (and deaths from no care for seniors) Thanks to all the doctors who took time from patient care to protest Obamacare. We all need to protest the terrible debt that the gov. has caused and wants to continue if we don’t stop them.

  • Evangeline Brabant

    We need everyone and every group we can get, especially those who are concerned with patient care.

    This is not just about Health Care, however, it is about making us a Marxist/ socialist third world country.

  • The FairTax Lady

    I was there. I introduced myself to a few of you docs and told you I was representing my good friend, a retired Anesthesiologist and D.O. who was unable to come due to an illness in his family. I’m sure you will hear from him in this forum soon.

    Had more “regular” people known about your Rally they would have turned out in mass to suppport you, believe me. Please know that We The People are behind you 100% percent. I spoke with more than one doctor and groups of nurses in scubs at the Rally at the Capitol on Saturday and carried your sign (thank you). One of the doctors was not aware of the D4PC org so I wrote it down for him. Seems you need to get the word out. I am helping spread it.

    Thanks to all of you for supporting the FairTax!


  • I was Very pleased with the outpouring of individuals who represent the
    Medical profession, as well as those who support less taxes. Made me feel
    proud to know, we will have a continued FREE America, despite those who are
    trying to turn this country into a socialistic marxist country. This includes the President on down thru the ranks of the anti-Americans.
    Lets vote all liars out of office. Those who represent US, we will support,
    those who do NOT, but patronize others for their funds to stay in office,
    we will NOT.

  • Linda Arment

    I was at the Sept 12 taxpayer march in DC — It was indeed extremely heartening to see so many good hard working Americans from all over this great nation who are fed up with big government and our loss of freedom. We were also inspired by the doctors’ march which came before ours. Thank you all for participating and for speaking out. We must continue to do so in order to make our voices heard and to place our country back in the hands of We The People. Government does not solve problems but creates them. Thank you doctors for your candid criticism of government run health care — especially without tort reform.

  • Kris

    As a regulatory nurse, I can see the disaster this bill will bring to the health care system. Visit any E.D. in my area at 10:30 p.m. and see all the non-English speaking people there for their non-emergent medical care. How can hospital hope to barely operate in the black without charging insured patients higher fees to cover indigent costs? Tort reform will not happen with this administration because those in Washington will lose a large chunk of their campaign donations and perks given to them by lawyers. Same for Pharmaceutical companies, although any one who can read knows that the pharmaceutical companies have compassionate programs and dole out free meds to those who can’t afford them. It just takes a little work to apply for them and apparently those people have better things to do. They have no problem applying for food stamps and government subsidized child support.

    I was dismayed at the AMA’s and the ANA’s support of “Obamacare.” Shame on them for not recognizing the root cause of the system breakdown in the health care system instead of supporting a coup d’état by this government of the whole health care system. This seems to be the order of the day with this administration.

    United we stand and our votes will really need to count in future elections.

  • RNinReno

    I am an RN my husband a physician, we were unable to attend the ralley as patients needed our care. I agree this bill has nothing to do with healthcare and is a left wing power grab. We already belong to the most price controled industry in the US. What most patients don’t know is that most private insurance companies use Medicare fee schedules to set prices for prefered providers. Many of us are loosing income every year due to these practices. We couldnt keep our doors open if all we recieved were payments at the Medicare fee schedule.HR3200 will continue to reduce these fees to between 55-75% of what Medicare now pays. This will put most privatly practicing physicians out of business. Add to that the increases in taxes to small businesses (since most physicians are small business men and women), this will have physicians practicing at a loss. Sounds like great medical care at low prices, but how many doctors will stay in practice? Why is this being left out of the equation, and why do more Americans not understand this? How could anyone support a bill that will put a large number of physicians out of business? Who will be providing the healthcare in this country, lets outsource to India!!!

  • Sara

    Thank God for caring, open minded doctors like these. Maybe Obama should start listening to people other than doing what Obama wants to do, And please Obama do your work and stop blaming and stating what Bush did or didn’t do. You said once in one of your speeches that you are simply trying to fix the mess that Bush had made, now if that is right , how come you are just continuing to create a mess. Stop being a showy president and be an Maerican president who is for the people.

  • Nicholas Donovan

    This is a message I sent to the Obama Administration’s David Axelrod in response to his claim that people that ask questions and protest are not, ‘Real Americans’ or ‘astroturf’ etc. etc.
    To the those of you supposedly ‘serving’ in the House of Representatives:

    You are paid to do two things; read and vote. You are paid a six figure salary by the US Taxpayer to do so. You show your disparagement and contempt for American people by hiring a speed reader to read bills and even then you can’t complete the job you were hired to do.

    Were you forced to be in the private sector, I doubt the majority of you would be able to compete. You have the audacity to whine and cry because we are holding you accountable to do the things we have hired you to do.

    Ultimately, my dear representatives, I guess WE (the voting public and US Taxpayer) are responsible.
    We are responsible for the continuing, undeniable unprofessionalism you people drag into these chambers day in and day out. Last I checked, your paycheck said US Government, not Obama and not Bush on it.

    Last I checked, WE (the US Taxpayer and voter) are ones who sign your paycheck. Last I checked, WE are the ones who hired you and we can damn sure fire you.

    You work for us, not the other way around. We do no need you, you do need us. You are a public servant, never forget that.

    I ‘hope’ all of you pseudo-servants in the house are voted out of office and have to live under the very same ‘health care’ that you would not vote yourselves to receive in office. The continuing arrogance you display indeed proves that real ‘change’ is needed.

    To all of you that call yourselves ‘Representatives’ and feel the need to arrogantly disparage those who would dare disagree with you, or to those of you who capitulate and stand for nothing but compromised values, I will say I am truly disappointed and saddened at what you have become and will gladly give you time to ‘find yourselves’ again in 2010.
    You see for all of you self-serving ‘Representatives’ out there, in the words of a guy who knows the private sector well, and has been a success in it, in the words of Donald Trump, in 2010, ‘You’re Fired.’

    To the President, as a medical student I was in the receiving end of a ‘teachable moment’ the other day when a patient of mine who is a litigator in a large law-firm said this to me, “Are you aware that Mr. Obama would not qualify to be a junior attorney in my firm based on his lack of experience?”

    To be honest, I hadn’t really thought of it that way. I know Mr. Obama that you received your JD (Juris Doctor, a three year graduate degree) and had utilized it in academia. I knew that outside of public organizational activities, government and academia you have never held a real, private sector job or served in the Armed Forces.

    I also knew that your bold-face lie about doctors receiving money ($40,000 to amputate a limb for example) shows your ignorance about how medicine is delivered in this country, but to be honest I just assumed your JD degree was just a prerequisite to becoming a politician. You say that doctors are for your health care plan however I don’t know of a single physician or student-doctor that is for your plan. The AMA does not speak for all doctors by the way.

    I know the total of approximately 143 days you served in the Senate must have been quite taxing (pardon the pun) for you. I also know that you really believe in what you are proposing, regardless of the complete lack of research on the part of your administration as it relates to health care for example.

    I was never a fan of George bush either or any of the neo-cons. I am a pretty conservative guy in many respects and have served in the armed forces and have also taught defensive tactics to law enforcement. You see Mr. Obama, I see the results of political and ultimately monetary decisions that are dispatched from Washington both in the eyes of my students, many of whom have been state and federal law enforcement officers as well as my patients, who are unfortunately many times on the receiving end of violence that may be in-part, be caused by these policies.

    Mr. President, to have you and members of your staff, dismiss the people that write your paycheck, the people that put you in office and the people are that are trying to communicate with you now, as a vocal minority that are not really expressing the sentiments of ‘real Americans’, show that you sir, are not ready to serve as Commander in Chief and that many have lost confidence in you, your administration and its ability to serve the American people.

    You see, the key word here is Serve. Not Service to the State, not service to you, but you and your administration serving the American people.

    In Closing Mr. President, it is against all evidence that many of us ‘hope’ to have an administration that is actually going to listen, and we will seek to ‘change’ the employment status of both you and those in the House of
    Representatives soon. This is the ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ that is beginning to work now. I just ‘Hope’ we are not too late to stop the ‘Change’ to our republic that will surely lead to it’s destruction.

    Yours in Good Health,

    Nicholas Donovan

    Medical Student

  • Edith Hill

    I am a senior citizen and have been pleased, since I became one, with the medical care I have received at all levels for whatever cause, I needed medical care. I support the medical establishments case as WE DO NOT NEED GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE in our health care systems. Let’s get rid of this egotistical, communistic, self-serving president and his left-wing cronies as soon as possible. Make 2010 a great year for reclaiming our American rights and freedoms before we lose them all. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  • DAnn

    JUST ANOTHER OBAMA LIE – that doctors and nurses and the medical profession are FOR this healthcare reform…
    I don’t believe anything he says – he always has a hidden reason for what he is doing. Nothing is what he makes it out to be, so ALWAYS (as Glenn Beck warns) “QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS” anything he and his people say.


    since hospital emergency rooms cannot refuse to treat illegal persons, or anyone, there is no proposal by the administration to close our borders.
    Shouldn’t it be a conflict of interest, for truth health care, for insurance companies to donate to politicians? Is that why we cannot buy insurance over state lines? Far, Far too often, incorrect writers–?journalists?, state in articles, that the Dept of this or that, paid for whatever. In reality, the governmental departments used taxpayer funds to pay for everything. This statement has to be presented over, and over, again to the sad number of persons in America, legal or not, who just do not realize the government does not have $ w/o taxing someone else. There would be more than enough money for Americans, if the politicians were moral just in reducing travel. Garden Grove, CA—Loretta Sanche(s)(Z)traveled more than any other politician in Ca, if the report I heard was correct. SOUTH POLE, SNORKLING WITH SCIENTISTS, MUNICH, DARFUR, SLOVINIA, FRANCE, ITALY, AND

  • Janet

    I have been a nurse for 35 year in a government research hospital. While patient care is excellent due to the hard work of a dedicated staff, the administrative mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility is an atrocity. As a manager I was required to spend all of the funds at the end of each year even when we needed nothing. If not, our budget would be cut next year. This year a command came down to immediately order any equipment that we might ever need to use up millions of your hard earn money that was taken from you to stimulate the economy. It is almost impossible to dismiss an employee and the hiring regulations often require managers to hire those who are less qualified. Imagine this in every hospital throughout this great nation! We cannot allow the government system to invade our doctor offices and hospitals. At age 60 and having never been involved in politics, I attended the rally of 9/10 and I was never prouder to be an American. We must speak out NOW for once we cross the line into government run healthcare, we cannot go back!

  • I was there, I am a practicing Pathologist and can verify that real doctors were there, and were clearly the majority of the crowd. HR3200 must be scrapped. The Obamacare vision must be stopped. I agree with all points in the Petition.

  • Kurt Hahn

    With you all the way

    Kurt Hahn, Member Executive Committee
    Board of Trustees
    California Hospital Association

  • Very interesting debate I like to see what side has what to say

  • Brad Jacoby, MD

    To the person who claims that only 10% of the people in the photos are doctors, they are all doctors. I was there and can be seen holding the “Leave My Patients Alone” sign in the second photo. I am an ophthalmologist from Georgia. Most of us flew out of Atlanta at 7:25 am and returned at 11:00 pm because we had patients the next morning. I rescheduled many patients so that I could attend. Yes we are educated and are fully aware of what this healthcare disaster will mean in the future. We spent the day telling our representatives how we can solve the shortcomings of the present system easily without destroying what is good and I thank them for listening.

  • Jerry Etherton

    Keep these things coming!! American people need to see more of this.
    I especially like the Dr. who said this thing is a power grab by the govt.

  • September 12, 2009
    I am a nurse in Alabama, and I am in full agreement with these protesting doctors and nurses. I do not agree with the Healthcare Bill. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control. If the American people would sit back and ask the hard question: Should the Government decide what type of healthcare I receive? Should the government be involved in Healthcare at all? What does the government gain by controlling America’s healthcare? Once you answer these questions, you should be at the conclusion that NO is the big answer to all. Healthcare is a personal decision.

  • jann

    Thanks to all the medical professionals that took part in this protest, bless them all God. I work for a Dentist and we’re all wondering just what is in store for us? Most likely somewhat the same. These doctors all small businesses, and we are getting hammered out here in the real world. The government thinks we’re just an ATM for all the illegals in California and it’s just getting worse. There is a tide that is turning here in CA though and it’s wonderful to see these fine patriots fighting for us too. Keep up the great work out there, and we will do the same here in CA.

  • tom

    I am a surgeon. This bill has nothing to do with health care. It is a socialist power grab. They want us to get addicted to the opiate of socialism just like europe.

  • Joseph Rodino

    September 11th, 2009 at
    “Don’t be fooled. I’d be VERY surprised if even a tenth of these protestors were real doctors. Doctors are generally educated and don’t fall for right-wing hysteria. Moreover, they have compassion for their patients, and don’t want to see them go broke or fail to receive treatment because they couldn’t afford insurance.

    This is obviously as fake as the Brooks Brothers riot.”

    Jasperjava, sounds like YOU’RE the one who’s fooled. Or maybe just a troll. Do you have ANY proof of your “10%” claim whatsoever? I know ALL my doctors are very offended at the assumption that they’re robbing their patients. Every doc I know has special billing practices for the TRULY indigent. And, as the point is made here many times, what makes any SANE person think the gov’t could run healthcare any better than it has run SocSec, Medicare, Medicaid, Postal Service, Education, etc, etc?

    NO THANKS! You’re obviously just a “Obama, right or wrong” person.

  • One of my sons is a young ER doctor. He has been sued twice, so far, for malpractice, both times before he finished his internship. In the beginning of Obama’s Presidency, he was more or less supportive of Mr. Obama. But no more, He is thoroughly disgusted with this man’s pretense at bipartisanship.
    No tort reform means no health care reform. All that is about to happen is that doctors will receive more cuts in their collections while having to continue to practice as if they will be sued at every turn. I edit Midknight Review (a Google blog). The experience has given me a great opportunity to actually learn both sides of the questions on health care and much much more. We are under attack by the marxist/socialist/fascist/liberationists of this world and it is a battle we must not lose. Thank you for the article and photos. Great source for an article in my blog.

  • 18Echo

    “Don’t be fooled. I’d be VERY surprised if even a tenth of these protestors were real doctors.”

    jasperjava, prepare to be surprised then. It’s not the Physicians that are astroturfing now is it?

    BTW: My wife is a newly minted doctor and I have the loans to prove it. Not only is she adamantly against Obamacare a lot of the doctors where she is working are.

    She is for tort reform, portability and such, but a massive new government program. No.

    Don’t you be fooled into thinking the AMA speaks for all doctors. They don’t.
    Don’t assume that real people don’t oppose this mess of a bill.

  • Tom

    Are you serious jasperjava ? You honestly believe that less than a tenth of these persons at this rally are doctors? Here is my simple explanation for why they would have a problem with Obamacare. Currently doctors accept Medicare and Medicaid. Those services have a set payment based on the service. Those payments do not cover the costs of those services usually it is a loss of about 6%. These doctors have to make up those costs on their other patients. Explain to me how a doctor can stay in business if the government becomes the payer for ALL their patients and sets payments at a 6% loss?

    Being a doctor is a wonderful profession but I am sure that there aren’t any that will work for free.

  • Carolyn

    I would be interested in knowing how physicians feel about language in these bills that could force the countries nurses and doctors into unions…as someone who is attending nursing school because of a desire to serve people, the very idea that unions would have control over my rights infuriates me. I would be inclined to refuse to work rather than have my labor forced by the likes of the AFL/CIO. I doubt I am alone.

    The flaw in all of these plans is that they rely on the consent of the very persons whose livelihood their beliefs would destroy or “loot”.

  • nightshadow


    Yes, doctors are generally educated, and they know that what they believe in isn’t “right wing hysteria” just because you don’t agree with it. It seems the only uneducated one is you.

  • jasperjava

    Don’t be fooled. I’d be VERY surprised if even a tenth of these protestors were real doctors. Doctors are generally educated and don’t fall for right-wing hysteria. Moreover, they have compassion for their patients, and don’t want to see them go broke or fail to receive treatment because they couldn’t afford insurance.

    This is obviously as fake as the Brooks Brothers riot.

  • Ok-let’s review the benefits of big Government intervention-FDR instituted
    new socialist programs during his first two terms as President and the rate of unemployment rose from 9% to over 20%. In the 1970’s President Carter implemented price controls over the oil industry and we experienced gas shortages and long gas lines. Carter along with the NYT believed that Khomeni was a great leader who would restore democracy to Iran need I say more.The Postal service is bankrupt along with Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and now we want our Government to regulate our Health Care System-have we lost our senses.Ideology aside,the quality of medical care in Canada and Britain is mediocre this is factual not opinion or speculation.
    Yes we need to improve our present health care system but Government intervention will only exacerbate the problem-Stop Congress and the President now.

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  • […] saw it with the rise of the Tea Party Movement over the stimulus package and Obamacare reform protests during the first year of President Obama’s term. Just as town hall protests, opinion polls […]

  • […] saw it with the rise of the Tea Party Movement over the stimulus package and Obamacare reform protests during the first year of President Obama’s term. Just as town hall protests, opinion polls […]

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