A lone photojournalist exposes the madness.

Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital

Patriotic anti-big-government taxpayers blast through the million protester mark.

September 12, 2009, Washington, D.C.  –  by EL MARCO

Americans flooded D.C. in what people in the crowd were calling “a conservative Woodstock”. Like the liberal Woodstock of the ’60s, thousands were rumored stranded on freeways. Some walked in to DC, ditching their cars and busses. I walked with a 5 deep 6 block long column of protesters from Pennsylvania who had walked miles from where they had to leave their busses. Networks including Fox News continued through the time I’m writing this at 8 p.m. local Eastern time reporting that “tens of thousands” showed up. Whasup with that?  When will we get some reliable reporting out of the corporate media types? UPDATE: Two days later, there is still no conclusive count of the participants. Michelle Malkin’s site goes over the whole issue on a post linked at the end of this article.

Protesters flooded Washington today in what people in the crowd are calling “a conservative Woodstock”. Like the liberal Woodstock of the ’60s, thousands were rumored stranded on freeways. Some walked in to DC, ditching their cars and busses. I walked with a 5 deep 6 block long column of protesters from Pennsylvania who told me they had walked miles from where they were forced by gridlock to leave their busses. Networks including Fox News continued through the time I’m writing this at 8 p.m. local Eastern time reporting that “tens of thousands” showed up. What is up with that?  When will we get some reliable reporting out of the corporate media types? UPDATE: Two days later, there is still no conclusive count of the participants. Michelle Malkin’s site goes over the whole issue on a post linked at the end of this article.

This event had been promoted as a taxpayer “tea party” but the crowd’s concerns were wide ranging, from outrage at the corrupt ACORN activists and Obama’s socialist cadre known as Czars, to Obama’s naked untruthfulness. Protesters also displayed signs mocking Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for smearing the grassroots movement as “astroturfers” and an “angry mob”.


I think this gathering should be appreciated as the extremely important historical event that it is. This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America. This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice.

Many of the attendees were quite meek and timid and were unsure of exactly what to expect, this being the first time in their lives they’d been involved in a protest movement. Their fears evaporated early in the day and people reveled in the camaraderie , the joy and sheer civility that was exhibited at the entire event. Chants of “Freedom, freedom, freedom”, “No more czars! No more czars!” carried through the air without the slightest hint of the rancor which is the norm at the many leftist rallies I have photographed over the years.


The two photos above show a tiny fraction of the multitude that surged through the American capitol. I saw signs and heard lots of comments comparing this event to Woodstock. At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument. See photo here.


Protesters came from every state in the union. This man came from San Antonio, TX. He said that he was really sorry he hadn’t brought his family. He stated that being a black conservative he was unwilling to expose his children to what he expected would be a lot of liberal abuse. He was thrilled with the overall tenor of the event and the fact that no liberals were present to harass him. He spoke about how incredibly intolerant the left is to black individuals who don’t bow to the party line.

_MG_0239x These Ohioans took a day off their rodeo bull-riding schedule. They said they’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Mike Pence (R-Indiana) was one of the speakers who addressed the crowd: “After years of fighting runaway government on this hill, you people look like the cavalry to me..I believe we are on the verge of a great American awakening.”

San Diego radio host Mason Weaver said from the podium: “I came here because I thought you might want to hear a black man speak without a teleprompter…This government is trying to make a nation of dependent people. Americans have always been independent people…This is not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democrat thing. It’s not a black thing or a white thing. It’s an American thing…We the people are telling them ‘No more! We’ve had enough!”


In the very center of the photo, above the Silence is Consent – Can You Hear Us Now sign, you can see Pennsylvania Ave., which at this time is totally blocked with protesters who cannot move forward to the Capitol area. Sorry, full up.


There were notable differences though, in the behavior of these attendees. Although the legend of Woodstock is that there was a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie, the truth is that most people were there for the drugs, sex and rock and roll. Today in D.C. there was a true kinship amongst these people based on shared values and intellectual understanding of what America is and how its future is imperiled by big radical government.

No one was having sex in the Reflecting Pool let alone the mud, and I saw no one projectile vomiting on the steps of the Capitol. There were no warnings to avoid the bad acid which would send you on a trip to the hospital. Not just a different era, but a different level of civilized behavior and thought. Oh, and by the way, these people didn’t leave tons of garbage behind when they left. Actually they left no trash behind at all.

_MG_0096x Obama Lied, Capitalism Died.


We are the mob!




Support Class Envy! Redistribute Wealth.

_MG_0284x Madam Speaker: Kiss Our Astroturf!


The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Obama Himself     – – –    Compassion is Voluntary, Not Compulsory!


WALNUT — Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together — the conservative answer to ACORN. Didn’t have to ask them if they were receiving any taxpayer money like radical left-wing ACORN. Different DNA!


Proud members of the “Angry Mob” and they’re armed with their votes.


Very cute tiny megaphone which boosted her voice by 10% or so. It was the only megaphone I saw in the three hours I was there.


Your wallet…the only place Democrats are willing to drill!  — Don’t share my wealth – share my work ethic!

Right-wing extremist armed with the constitution.

Who are the commie czars?


Jews from former USSR say NO to Socialism  —  Many Russians who escaped to the US are stunned by the creeping socialism that they have found here in the last two decades. Now they too are marching in the streets. They know what tyranny looks like and they are alarmed by the direction the new administration is taking.


Marxism – the opiate of the asses — Posters from the Peoples Cube are proliferating amongst protesters.


Stop Making Profit! — Report all Capitalist Activities to flag@whitehouse.gov

_MG_0025xWorld’s #1 Crypto-Marxist. Endorsed by Fidel Castro: “The most powerful progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency.” – GRANMA, Havana, May 26, 2008

Dictator Castro did indeed endorse Obama. Note that he used the word progressive to describe Barack? Well thats because the Libs gave the word liberal such a bad smell by their behavior and policies over the years that they had to abandon it. They started referring to themselves as progressives and figured no one would notice the word’s communist pedigree. It means progress on the road to socialism and Castro understands it that way.

Well darn it Martha, look at that! The president really is a progressive just like NPR says he is !!


Nancy Pelosi has accused patriotic tea-party goers of “carrying swastikas” implying that they are Nazi sympathizers or worse. This event was knee deep in hammers and sickles and words like “socialist” “communist” and “Marxist”. It continues to fascinate me how the Democrat Party tolerates this without ever objecting or attempting to refute this widespread view of Obama. When will the MSM ask the questions about The Chosen One’s communist buddies and endorsers? And why do communists who absolutely loath the USA, like Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Michael Moore worship at the alter of Obama?


Ever present at Tea Parties are Sons of Liberty re-enactors. The couple on the left is from Ohio and the young lady on the right is not but she joined in the photo when I invited her. The clothing for the Ohio couple was hand stitched by the lady on the left. The lady on the right also stitched her own. This is what really hip conservatives are wearing these days. It’s all about FREEDOM!

………………..MORE  PHOTO ESSAYS  by  EL MARCO………………….



El Marco covers the Docs 4 Patients Care rally in D.C. Doctors Against Obamacare

NANCY and the ASTROTURFERS Denver photojournalist El Marco was at the event and has an amazing pictorial essay detailing how Pelo-cchio’s Astroturf brigade had to be coached by professional organizers — including several day laborers who didn’t speak English and couldn’t tell what the signs they were holding read. And they accuse Tea Party folks of being puppets?!” –  **Michelle Malkin**

Islam Clouds Bali’s Horizon – Photo Essay  By El Marco

Michelle Malkin delves into the 9/12 rally numbers controversy.

Martin Luther King was hounded, beaten, and jailed by Democrats. Read what he had to say about protesting, in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

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Thanks for visiting!   Never Give In  and  Never Forget. El Marco

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643 comments to Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital

  • martha(like George Washington's wife)

    At the age of 25 my mother came to this country from Fidel’s comunist Cuba with two small daughters. She had to leave behind her childhood sweetheart and husband(our Dad),family and lifelong friends and every material thing she owned except for the clothes on her back. The moment we arrived we were bombarded by PRIVATE charities who offered us blankets, coats and $25.00.

    Through God’s providence and countless generous people and WITHOUT PUBLIC WELFARE, we survived on her modest income (she worked two factory jobs).
    until Castro allowed my Dad to come join us in the US. The sacrifices my parents made to insure freedom for my sister and I are miniscule compared to what the founders of this great country, I am privilaged to call home, endured.

    The time for responsible activism to protect America is now. Our demise will come from within if we do not organize and turn this next election around. It is time to send a strong message to Washington senators and house members that we are not OK with their closed door negotiations that sell out this country and Pelosi needs to be the first to go! How dRE SHE ENVOKE THE NAME OF ST JOSEPH to push a bill that will further enslave the American taxpayers while funding abortions to boot! Say no more to this senate whore.


  • Theresa Bollers

    Those pics are fantastic!!!It is great to know there are some very courageous people that are still alive,and that they are not afraid to set good examples for our kids!!!Now we have to go about replacing the cowards that are too chicken to right what is going so badly wrong!!!

  • Barry Goldwater

    ” A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.”

    ALL Patriots understand this !

  • Educated Views

    I love seeing the trailer park trash, farmers, cowboys, hicks and other downright ignorant and not well educated people so mad about having a smart man in office!! LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! When did dumb become something to stride for in this country? YOU GO YOU CRAZY TEABAGGERS!!!

  • Johnson


  • Our liberty is in serious jeopardy. That is the reason we marched on Washington, rallied in cities across America, and attended town halls of our “supposed” representatives. We cannot let our fervor wane. There is too much at stake for us, but more importantly, for our children.

  • Great photo journal – thanks for covering what the media won’t. Wish I could have been there!!!!

  • Gary Van Buren

    Way to go, Jerry!! Typical Democrat jargon… pull stuff out of the toilet and spread it around like it were real facts!!

    Did you say “chest thumping”? The only “chest thumping” will be observed when eyes are on our Speaker of the House.

    The people at this gathering are sacrificing time for the betterment of our country. They’re standing up against the wrongs perpetrated on us since our last presidential election day from a fast talking politician and a naive constituency manipulated by a biased media.

    The people at the protest are the same kind of people that fight for their country and sacrifice their sons and daughters to do the same. They’re not people like Bill Clinton who run the other way when their country calls them to do their duty. Nor are they people like Ted Kennedy who hides behind political office after killing his pregnant secretary. You did seem to want to go back to the political past didn’t you?

    You err in much of your thinking as do all liberals. You fail to see that what these patriotic people did and still do is only part of a bigger picture… it’s what constitutes patriotism. Patriots don’t just stand on the sidelines and do the things you propose. Rather, we are working everyday to improve our country. One of those things is working at our jobs to pay the bill for necessary changes… not just changes for the sake of “change”.
    Patriots and conservatives aren’t the ones clamoring to shortchange the military. You have that shoe on the wrong foot. That shoe fits the liberal Democrats. You need to stop getting your information from the toilet of the liberal media and get a life.

    This show of dissatisfaction isn’t about investing TENS of billions of tax dollars on military equipment where they’re rightly needed…it’s about squandering HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars bailing out corrupt and failing mismanaged businesses who are partly in the shape they are because of liberal government dictates and demands.

    Now G. W. Bush is not in the Whitehouse but yet the war goes on. What do you make of that? Have you heard anything resembling the fact that we need to be there if we’re to preempt another 911? Also is it not moral for us to help set people free like France did for us in our founding struggle? Was that not the central issue of the American civil war? Ever hear of the Underground Railroad? Same issue… people helping people who couldn’t help themselves.

    One thing these demonstrating patriotic people are interested in is fixing our health care system… not destroying it by socializing it. Government ruins everything it touches. Look how small income tax started out and how it now chokes family economics and constitutes an out-of-control bureaucracy that is evergrowing to enforce all-encompassing tax laws. Look at the government’s war on poverty. Now we have more poverty than ever while the politicians stuff their pockets and retirement accounts. Then there’s medicare… isn’t government doing a superb job with that? And what about SOCIAL Security. It’s “social” but not “security”… have you heard? All these are liberal politicians’ projects. Wake up and smell the coffee, Pal, before it’s too late.

  • Sailor1

    Hey Jerry, You are an Ass. This is how much you know. 85% of active duty “Enlisted” Military are Republicans. The Officer side is much less. I am a 24 year retired Navy, so there goes your theory about that. I spent 2 tours in VietNam, so “What did you do”? I spent 17 1/2 years at sea out of thast 24, “What did you do”? I went thru the years with Johnson and Carter and don’t recall much of a pay increase in any of those years. Oh, and “What were you doing those years”? You are a hypocrite and an ASS**le. YOU DEMS JUST DON’T GET IT! Your pretend President knows NOTHING about this country or the military. He has lost all his Worldly Luster because his “NO NOTHING and DO NOTHING side is showing. Even the Communists don’t like him. But you have a nice day. Keep writing these blogs so we , The Real Americans have a little entertainment.

  • Marian V. B.

    The 9/12 March on Washington was impressive but what will really count is the votes at the polls in 2010 and 2012 so lets swamp the voting places and don’t let ACORN or its affiliates force anyone away as they have their agenda and will make every effort with funds and force to drive away any conservative voters. Obama’s appointed Attorney General is one of theirs so don’t expect them to enforce free elections.

  • Robin

    It saddens my heart through to my soul to see what is happening to our country. So many tears lost since 9/11… and now, we are slowly losing our rights day by day.

  • M B

    Jerry, you have no idea how wrong you are. There were thousands and thousands of active duty and veterans marching, some in wheelchairs and some with artificial limbs. We don’t have to beat our chest and pretend to be patriotic. We live it every day. How do I know? I was there and I continue to live my life believing in freedom and liberty and free speech. I fought for YOUR right to speak the crap you do. You are the perfect example of a liberal who thinks anyone who doesn’t see things your way is wrong, or a Republican or even worse…An American! You always assume because we disagree with Obama that we supported Bush. Some did and some didn’t but Bush isn’t president anymore, remember? So get over it. We don’t have to defend ourselves to you, We’ve earned the respect of the country. Your opinion means less than nothing.

  • Erik

    I wish i could have been there, i would have been if not for this pesky deployment in iraq. im not sure what all is going on in our country but i know its not what it could be or should be. i support everybody that was there and hope that this will start to change things for the better. hopefully ill be able to attend it if it happens again.

  • David Halik

    We the people have got to keep this fight going. What a remarkable protest.

  • Sharon

    I only wish I was there!!!! I am sooooo on board.

  • bullet-proof vest exist because they protect your vital organs, and although it would suck hardcore to get shot in the crotch, you have a much better chance of surviving than if you were shot in the heart. although it is a friggin good idea.

  • Sue Ann

    I’ve just received the photo’s from a friend and am amazed at the support this gathering had. I was not aware that it was taking place or I would have been there. I wonder how many others were not aware? There is a “Town Hall Meeting” in my town this weekend and I will be there! Was anyone reading this in support of bailing out Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and how about Wall Street? I’ve heard that this health care plan would save us trillions in the next ten years? How?

  • Carol

    I was not present in Washington D.C. for this march, but I do support everyone that was there and I, too, feel the same way! We need to stand true to the Constitution of the United States of America!! God Bless the USA!!!!

  • CALL congress @ 866 220 0044

    http://capsweb.org -faxes & e-mails
    http://numbersusa.com -faxes

    ca.gov ca.state senate PASSES SJR-19 “SUSPENDING IMMIGRATION LAWS IN CA.” ?

  • Wanda

    Born in the U.S.A. and proud to be here, very thankful, too. God bless the USA. Walk on and on…… Thanks to all who were there at the peaceful “Woodstock” Finally the silent majority are speaking up. Let us all continue to persevere and pray that those “representatives” do their jobs correctly or get the —- out of office. The government is supposed to serve us according the the Constitution of the USA, not some other country. Again, may GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  • Darrell Schapmire


    Check out this photo I took during the march to the Capitol. I think it speaks volumes.

  • Gregory Romeu

    THIS is the country I took an Oath to defend!
    Semper Fidelis!
    Gregory – USMC

  • Jerry

    I wonder how many of these chest thumping ‘Patriots’ have actually had the courage to do something for their country? Like serve in the military.
    Its easy to believe your patriotic because you put your hand over your heart when you sing the anthem and chant USA whenever you can while doing nothing for your country except whine about your own circumstance.
    Its easy to stand on the sidelines while we’re at war and be a cheerleader and ‘support’ the wars while leaving the heavy lifting to real men and women fighting overseas.
    Its easy to be a tea bagger and scream about lowering taxes while the military’s worn out equipment after 8 years of fighting needs to be replaced at a cost of tens of billions of dollars.
    Its easy to scream that your tax base should be lower while the VA remains grossly underfunded and unable to meet the mental and physical needs of the wounded warriors returning home.
    Its easy to be unemployed and collect a (socialist) unemployment check and scream for an extension while denying a family a gov’t health care option because a sick family member has forced the family to spend all their money on healthcare and now have to declare bankruptcy – all because the insurance company dropped their coverage because it was costing them too much; the same insurance companies these people in the pictures say they are ‘happy’ with.
    I guess we could go back to W who lacked the intellectual capacity to understand the complexity of the problems he was dealing with.
    I guess we could go back to Cheney who lacked the back bone to serve in the military through his 5 (FIVE) draft deferments or his lack of judgment with 2 DUI’s.
    Funny how none of the signs in these pictures rant about Bush starting a war of choice in Iraq and causing the deaths of over 4,300 service members while costing the US over a trillion dollars in cost to date. Where is the outrage over that wasted money? Where is the outrage for the dead service members?

    The pathetic people in these pictures are only interested in themselves not their country.

    • Liberal Crusher

      Wow Jerry, what intelligence and bravery you must have. Quote all the liberal talking points in one post, all of which are completely worn out. It’s easy to sit there, hiding behind your computer screen and apparently taking time away from your kiddie porn to mock, scath and riducule true American patriots who are doing something to get the USA back to it’s constitutional roots. I’v heard it is hard to cover your heart with your right hand when it’s busy below.

      BTW, I served in the US Army (and was in DC on 9/12) and I would bet you didn’t serve anywhere but in your own pants. Anytime you want to get face to face and discuss my service for the United States compared to your dis-service to humanity in general, well, I’m sure you don’t have the gonads.

      So be greatful that men like me have served, to protect your rights to speak this ugliness, because if it were up to me…..

    • Brenda

      Jerry….you have no idea of which you speak. WE are the ones concerned with our country and what we can do to stop this Marxist descent. Those like you, are only concerned in the “easy” way around things….what the country can do for you. We are all citizens who have played by the rules….worked hard, paid taxes, saved for a “rainy day”….many there had sad stories….an older man in our group was a veteran and wanted to go so bad but didn’t have the money. The group all chipped in so he could get there. He was not in good health and he would most likely, never be able to do the trip again. Another older man in a wheelchair being pushed by his wife said he didn’t fight in WWII for communism to be in his country. Many there had lost their jobs, insurance, etc., yet believe in this country and our OWN sense of self…..not the collective. Yes, there are some areas that need reform, such as insurance companies dropping those who cost them too much or those who already have a disease and cannot get coverage. But why is Obama wanting to dismantle the best healthcare in the world, for some insurance issues? Maybe for POWER and MONEY? He wants total control over our lives and nothing less. Look at the debt HE has gotten us into. I will be the first to say that W wasn’t great, especially the last 4 years, however, can you be as honest about Obama? If not, you are part of the problem. This debt is unsustainable…..look at how other countries are now getting rid of our dollar and they are thinking of selling oil in a different currency than dollars now. Obama must STOP THE SPENDING!! The people at that march were there for many reason….the out of control spending, the healthcare “reform”, Cap and Tax, the losing of our freedoms (speech will be coming soon), taxes, etc…..we were Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, and independents, black, white, asian…..but most importantly, we were AMERICANS!!! Obviously, something you don’t understand and I pity you for that. We are angry that the media is not reporting on the important issues at hand…..they are in bed with Obama instead….they were meant to be the 4th protector of our Constitution, yet they are silent, except, when it comes to the “angry mobs” or the “right wing extremists”. When I hear Pelosi and the other idiots make comments like that, they lose credibility….why do you think Congress ratings are at 21% now? We were 2,000,000 strong and not one incidence of violence, no arrests…..ACORN people were there trying to agitate, but were followed by patriots, til they were embarrassed enough to leave the protest site. I guess ya had to be there to appreciate what was happening. We love this country THE WAY IT IS, not wanting to transform it. Sure, we have been wrong sometimes, but hasn’t every country and every person on earth? Nobody and nothing is perfect, except GOD. Maybe soon you will open your eyes and see what is happening to this country that Michelle Obama has never been proud of til now. Barack Hussein Obama…..hmmm….hmmm…hmmm

    • navairdan

      Jerry is a Moonbat! period! He vomits the same huffington post lefty-loon one-liners that have been vomited to no end from self hating lib morons for years. The people in that crowd ARE serving their country, by trying to save it. I served, countless others in that crowd have also served, however, that doesn’t make us more patriotic than EVERYONE there that day. Here’s some news, Moonbat… Bush isn’t the president, Obama is. Anything that happens while HE IS IN OFFICE IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY; IT’S ON HIS WATCH. This was the message while W was in office for 8 years. W owned it regardless of what he inherited from Clinton. Jerry, just sit back and enjoy the news like we did for the last 8 years. he he he, MOONBAT!

    • Kris

      Hate to break the news to you Jerry, but far more tea-baggers have served this nation, in uniform, than the loud-mouthed, ignorant, vicious, self-serving, self-righteous, hypocritical lefties that both protest all over this nation and who sit, fat, dumb, and happy in elected office. How many conservative gatherings have the any violence associated with them? How many leftist “rallies” do? And further, putting your hand over your heart when you sing the anthem and chanting USA whenever you can IS patriotic. Leftists, all the way up to our current “commander in chief” defy and denigrate patriotism on a daily basis.
      If you want to complain about funding for military equipment and the VA, then why are you not criticizing the unbelievable waste of this administration? How many TRILLIONS of wasted dollars could’ve been spent on our military, instead of being pissed away like so much Monopoly money? Oh, and BTW, since 2006 the Dems have had control of the federal purse-strings, so blaming Bush or Cheney for lack of military funding doesn’t wash.
      Before complaining about tea-baggers being unemployed and collecting “socialist” unemployment checks, you should research the statistics on who is actually collecting the VAST majority of all that socialist money being thrown around. It’s not conservatives. It’s the Democrat base, also known as “the poor”. As long as their checks keep coming, they’re more than happy to vote Dem. Conservatives, generally speaking, have far too much pride and self-sufficiency to be on the government dole, unlike the lefties, who attack such people (kinda like you are doing). You sure are quick to denigrate Bush and Cheney. Where’s your vituperation for Obama and his cronies? Have even ONE of them served in uniform? How many have even ever had a real job (ESPECIALLY Obama)? Play fair and slam both sides if you’re going to slam any of them.
      Finally, you complain about health care. I agree that our system has problems. But it is still the best (by far) in the world, and, contrary to MSM propaganda, most people want to keep what they already have. Fixing our health care system doesn’t require a completely new system, run by the government, and rammed down our throats by incompetent politicians. If our so-called “leadership” would grow a pair and take on the insurance companies, and much more importantly, the lawyers who cash in on malpractice lawsuits (John Edwards ring a bell?), we could fix the lion’s share of the problems in our current system. Forcing insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions goes beyond ridiculous. It’s like telling car insurance companies that someone can get into a vehicle accident, wreck their car, injure others, and THEN go out and get car insurance to cover past incidents. Doesn’t pass the sanity test. Making insurance companies pay what they’re collecting premiums for and limiting or eliminating their ability to drop customers after legitimate claims makes sense. And how about forcing lawyers and their clients to pay ALL fees associated with lost malpractice lawsuits? And allowing lawyers a certain amount of frivolous lawsuits (ambulance-chasing) before disbarring them? Think that might lower costs? Do you honestly thing Obama-care and the “public option” is the way to fix our problems?
      So why don’t you stop bitching about people who are actively trying to keep this country from becoming socialist and actually do something yourself? Lastly, before you make yourself look even more foolish than you already have, I served in the USAF for 22 years and did three tours in the desert. And I am STILL serving as a DoD civilian. How about you? How long did you serve in uniform (or did you)? And what are YOU doing for our country?

  • My husband and I of 52 years, my sister and her husband, and the 9/12 march on Washington was one of the most exciting times of my life. We were so uplifted by all that came to the rally. What a fun experience. We are going to do it again when they have another one. Thank you so much to those that organized such a wonderful event. Lets keep organized and vote in 2010 to elliminate all congressional leaders up for re-election, and get some new honest blood there. Mary

  • Cindy Durfey

    I’m so glad to see America standing up for freedom. We need to come together more often conservative America.I stand with you.

  • Don Jackson

    We are the people that allowed these elected people to usurp our constitutional rights.
    Don’t allow any of the Representatives or Senators to be reelected.
    It is all in our hands to turn this around. We created the problem by our votes, now lets correct the problem with our votes.
    Keep these jerks out of office. Allow none of them to be reelected

  • jackie Aburn

    I carried 2 signs. One for my family and one for my country. I am so proud to be an American and hope my children and grandkids will feel the same in the years to come. I’m fighting hard for all of them. We are all God’s children and we shall overcome these hard times.

  • Patriot from Frederick County Md

    Hard to beleive it has been three weeks since the rally. I was there along with my wife of almost 30 years. The day was one of hope… the real kind of hope that comes from knowing you are doing a good thing and others around you are encouraging you to keep doing what is right. To all the patriots out there… whether you were able to attend or not… don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith, continue to work for the cause of liberty with charity and most of all… whatever you do… don’t lose the enthusiasm! We will take our country back if we stick together!!!

  • SukieTawdry

    There were no warnings to avoid the bad acid which would send you on a trip to the hospital.

    Actually, I did encounter one guy who periodically would broadcast through his cupped hands, “Don’t eat the brown acid. Don’t eat the brown acid.” It was very funny although I’m not sure how many within earshot got it.

    Great event. Great day. I’m honored to have been a participant.

  • Beth

    I was there and it was an amazing, energizing event! I drove up from Western, NC w/ 6 others, none of whom had ever done anything like this before. I described it as almost “a religious experience”. We are ready to go again!!!
    I have ordered my “I was there on 9/12/09” bumper sticker to make sure the country knows how many of us “tens of thousands” were actually there!

  • dogmomma

    Dear admin
    Regardless of whether you were referring to the DC Capitol or the capitol city, your use of ‘capital’ for ‘capitol’ was still incorrect. Look it up.

  • mindy rodriguez

    We have to march again! Can enough people get to DC this weekend or the weekend of 10/29, 10/30? They have to know we are still alive and active!

  • Christy

    I took my three young sons, 7, 3 and 11 months, to the DC march on 9-12. (My husband stayed home and worked!) We drove from WV about seven hours each way. It was so awesome and worth every sacrifice. I was happy to stand up for our future. Words and pictures can’t describe how wonderful it was to see folks from all over, most carrying well thought out homemade signs. The energy was incredible. Thank God, people really do care and are standing up for our precious freedoms.

  • Michelle

    WoW!!! I never heard one thing about this here in Louisiana. We are so happy, my friends and family are not alone in our thinking.

  • Wynn

    It is peaceful now but will frighten the Marxist NWO
    and will become violent more and more in the future as the masses
    discover what is really being done to them en masse.
    Civil disobedience today will look like a boy scout jamboree by comparison then.

  • john pace

    I was there and it was inspiring, at least 1.5 million plus. Now every member of the tea party needs to get five (5) members of their family or friends who don’t vote to get active enough to get out and vote in 2010. Lets throw these bums out and replace them with conservative leaders who will vote to build border fences, cut the EPA and do away with the IRS. Take our country BACK NOW!!!!!!! We are the majority stand up America, NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the pictures and the creative signs. Right On!!!

  • Old Dog

    I support the movement but it is spelled CAPITOL – not CAPITAL

  • Twila D. Kniebbe

    I have long wondered if there would ever be a means for those of us who are full-up with the media jamming down our throats every move that President Obama makes — nothing negative ever, and there surely should be if they have their ears on the pulse of America. Many of us are fearful of the things that are happening – like apologizing for OUR Country,and our former leaders. This event heralds an awakening and it means FREEDOM STILL RINGS!!!

    • Yahwho

      Hey – nobody is always perfect, including countries run by governments with politicians who are – believe it or not – fallible human beings. This is true for all countries, including the U.S. (GASP!). So it’s a mature position to say here are the things we are good at doing/have done well – – and these are the mistakes we have made.

      I know simple minds think if such an honest assessment as pure blasphemy, but when you become a little more advanced you understand that it is true. Yes – even we have made mistakes. Don’t act like a child – be big enough to accept it.

  • FeFe

    Please include, if you have it, a photo of the non mess after. Wonderful photo essay. It was 1.5 million people or I’m Tuscan kale. Let’s not forget the gatherings around the nation- 2 million patriots strong!




  • Kirk Kaefer

    We did’nt attend the march on Washington ,but attended the one in Milwaukee Wi.Upon looking at this site with all the great hard working Americans we can proudly say we stand with all other God fearing patriotic Americans.
    There was a pastor that spoke at our rally who made an interesting comment America must first bless God before we can say God Bless America.The main thing liberalism must do is systemacticly removeGod from the public arena before they implement there Godless agenda.Heck I just saw school kids in NJ singing a song about Obama ,but kids can’t mention Christ or sing Pledge of allegance in school.Well I can tell you we have had enough ,and this stuff will come too end one way or another.

    God Bless
    Kirk Kaefer

  • John Bennett

    My being a government labeled “right wing extremist Viet Nam War veteran” makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that, in the fight to defend our Constitution, I am DEFINATELY not alone. At the risk of being ostracised by the government, God bless each and every Tea Partier.

    • Ramona

      Thank you John, and thank you for being a veteran, we were fortunate to attend and as you stated you definately are not alone. We wondered the same thing as we prepared to go and awe was more like the feeling we experienced seeing and meeting people like ourselves…if at the next rally each of us bring one more person we will shut DC down for the day. It was wonderful and hopefully you will be able to attend next time if our government does not wake up.

  • Richard Newberry

    Dictator, I had a friend that said many years ago that, if we give everyone the right to vote they will elect a DICTATOR. We are very close to that realization. I am very happy that finally, the silent majority is speaking up and saying loud and clear NO! to the Democrat socialism agenda.

  • Sharon Black McCants

    Thanks be to the brave minority people that came out….We will absolutely stand with you as you stand with us against the evil ones in Washington….Thank God that they know that there is no racism on the “right”…..

  • Michael McCann

    Loved it, and I noticed one other thing that some may have missed. I only saw one person in a distance that might have been on a cell phone. The whole crowd was focused on their cause. God bless them all, and I will do my best to be at next one, it is hard for us working folks to take a day off for protest, but it has cme down to that are no work at all.

    Love you Guys

    Mike McCann

  • Joe Skier

    Everyone who was at the Tea Party should stay strong and do all they can to get new Leaders elected in the next elections. In God We Trust!

  • Rusty

    Thank’s to forced dues provisions in federal law- —Obamacare would grant Big Labor massive forced-unionism powers over doctors,nurses,and other medical professionals—–not to mention—–giving the union bosses virtually direct access to your tax dollars, and complete control of your health care and rolling billions of forced-dues dollars into big labor’s coffers.
    Ever wonder why a lot of the Navy Shipyards are close down–Steel mills gone.
    If a WAR starts we better hope we get them with the first shot—-we have nothing over here to build a Second Shot with. Unions and Lawyer’s have run most of it Overseas

  • Julia


  • Russ H.

    With all those attending the tea parties nationwide how was it possible that this man was elected? Couldn’t everyone at election time see where he was going or that his agenda would be any different? Are those who did vote for him remorseful now? Watch out for our First & Second Amendment rights! He’s in love with that anti-American United Nations located in left-wing New York mayored by another billionaire likened to G. Soros! I’ll keep my Guns, my Money and my Freedom – YOU keep the CHANGE! It was a wonderful bumper sticker too bad not many understood the meaning!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Does anyone know if you can order the Walnut Tshirts? I would LOVE one! I am so glad to see this rally taking place! It will show Obama what America thinks of him trying to change Democracy to Socialism!


  • Ron Dooley

    It was an eye opening experience and a privilege to attend the Tea Party in Washington DC. To anyone who thought about it and decided against going this year, reconsider going in 2010. You will not be disappointed.
    I hope and pray all of our politicians, in Washington and back home will reconsider what all the Tea Parties represent and vote accordingly. Keep up the pressure

  • Keirsten

    Finally!!! Now can we get the rest of America to join. I know I am, I have been and will continue to stand for the rights of our country, freedom and the money I worked for!!! I want a WALNUT shirt!!

  • Mike Manuel

    I’m 69 years old and have been a lifelong democrat. I am encouraged by the political activity here in south Taxas. My wife and I have been attending tea parties whenever we can, and I have kept up a constant stream of email and phone calls to our House of Representatives member. The tea party in Washington was wonderful. I think the numbers scared the D.C. folks. They couldn’t fathom this many people with no significant violence. Way to go tea partiers.

  • Joy Wellman

    I’m thrilled so many Americans are awake.

  • Patty

    Vicki, Vicki, Vicki….
    You really need to separate the prayers from reality, my dear. It’s fine to have your beliefs but how incredibly ignorant is it to not see clearly the “intentions” of this administration? How incredibly ignorant to not stay abreast of the legislation that is being proposed? How ignorant is it to choose to “hope” that the outcome will be positive for all? WHEN will it be time to have your voice heard? Are you simply a sheep that follows the herder to the butcher shop and accepts your fate regardless? This in not hate sweetie, it’s reality. It’s believing in the freedoms that our forefathers died to give us. You seem to be very willing to give that up, but do you really understand why we have a military? To help preserve those freedoms for YOU – so that YOU are able to have your voice regardless of how ignorant it may be. These people are not hateful. They are ENTITLED, just as you are, to have their voice. WE, THE PEOPLE, know what’s best for us. The reason our government has become so corrupt is that we have not spoken up about what they’ve been doing, and in not doing so have allowed congress to write laws that are not for the common good. What these people are doing is at the highest level of patriotism that you obviously do not understand.

  • Homer

    We have more of a priority problem than a health care problem. People do not have health care but they have CABLE TV, CELL PHONES AND HIGH SPEED INTERNET.
    They also drink cold beer and smoke.There is a whole lot of people who have priority problems.

  • Jeri

    Let’s remind Washington DC that the constitution provides us “freedom of religion,” not freedom FROM religion!!

  • Glenn Horne

    I’m a 81 year old Korean Vet, and I salute y’all for standing up for our freedom. I couldn’t be with you, this time, but I will sure make the next one. Congratulations and God Bless America

  • Jack Harrison

    We are told that the new plan will “improve Efficiency”!
    Note that Government is THE primary reason that med costs are so high in the first place!
    Let’s look at drugs for a starter. Thanks to your government, in the form of FDA regulations, it now costs over $800,000,000 (that’s 800 million dollars) and takes 12+ years, to get a new drug approved.
    Yet we are supposed to believe that this same bloated bureaucratic government is going to fix health care?!
    How many people do you think die during that 12 year approval process, waiting for that life saving drug to be approved? And how many drugs for “minor diseases’” never are made available to the public because of the cost?
    Oh, by the way, did you see where the FDA is now claiming that Cheerios is a drug and subject to FDA control? Yep, your tax money at work!

  • Jerry Locher

    Keep up the good work until they listen!!!

    Jerry Locher

  • Mischele Miller

    I was at the Tea Party held in St. Augustine, Florida on the 5th of July. There was NO news coverage of the historical event, held on the lawn of the Castillo de San Marcos. I took lots of pictures and wrote an article, printed in a local neighborhood paper, but only a few hundred turned out for the party. I am so glad to see that so many people made it to Washington to carry their signs and I hope this gets more coverage and I hope people wake up before it is too late! Charging families $3,000 a year if they don’t buy into the healthcare plan is criminal – especially to those families who do not have the $3,000 in the first place! Some people rely on their income tax return to pay their property taxes, but Obams wants to “intercept” this if you don’t buy into his healthcare plan. The consequence, property taxes won’t get paid, and you lose your home, but at least you will have healthcare. Well, I could go on and on, so I will end here. Go America! Oh, my sign would read “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR $$$$ IS???”

  • Sonny

    I have been a Republican for years, when President Bush stated ruining the Nation. I would and will vote for president OBAMA again, he is doing his level best on the Nation right now. Bush started the war,claiming bombs were every where, that weren’t there. Now for the rest of the Congress, they all have there feet in the door way, where that things cannot change. President Obama is doing what he can to fix what Bush started. I am leaning towards the Democratic side more now than ever. So lets keep America free with President Obama.

  • Kelly

    All I can say is I cannot believe that we have so many liberal idiots`running around (freely, I might add). First of all, if you are all so excited about living in a communist/Marxist/socialist society, catch the next flight out of here and see how long you LOVE it! It is such a slap in the face to all of our brave soldiers throughout the years who have died for people like me and other patriots and people like you, traitors! You are not worthy of living in a country that affords you all the opportunities you have (for now). Conservatives have a very brief window of time to take back our country or watch it sink to its lowest level on record! Have you stopped to ask yourselves what Obama’s agenda is???? Look around people. If Obama gets his way, you deserve what you get, it’s just a damn shame that we ALL will have to suffer, and suffering there will be. Shame on all of you who voted to Obama and I THANK IMMEASURABLY all the patriots who marched on Washington to demonstrate just how mad as hell we are!

  • gary tucker

    Men and women fought and died for freedom.They sacrificed all they had.If Obama and the left wants a socialist government then they will have to fight and die for it.I will not be voted away by some idiots who have no common sense and are not patriotic.

  • Tom Catucci

    I have not had time yet to read this entire email posting but I have read enough to say I am ashamed of myself for not being in there (I did not know it was taking place until too late) But MOST OF ALL………



    The sleeping giant is waking!

  • wllace bertram

    god bles every one off you

  • Native Texan

    Thank you for standing up for all that could not be there. I love my country as long as I am free to LOVE GOD first. I am very worried that if other christian do not stand up NOW we are in for a hard time ahead. Remeber to give it to the LORD and prayer will help. We must continue to fight for our rights to freedom.

  • We are so very proud of each one who took A stand and marched for America.
    I trust the things that is happening in our blessed USA will be a wake up call and next time there will be 10x as many Americans marching and praying .

    God please forgive us for being so lazy and allowing this great Country that You blessed us with to fall into the hands of those who are out to destroy it.

  • Colleen

    We just returned from overseas for two years. We have been able to see first hand the problems that socialism brings. We have watched with apprehension as the news media published Obama’s ideas and plans. We are older and remember the era of patriotism by our parents and grandparents. It was so very refreshing to see this rally on the web. Now we know that there are more than a minority believing in what our Country fought for. Please count us in, we will do what we can to see America keep its freedom. We love America, the original constitution, its flag and all it stands for, “One Nation Under God.” Keep up the good work.

  • Weezie Stocks

    I am 84 years of age and am thrilled to read this account of the rally. My father fought in Germany during WW1, my husband was in the Air Force during WW2, my brother was a Marine during WW2 and the Korean War and my son was a pilot during the Vietnam War so naturally I’m extremely patriotic and still get goose bumps when our flag passes by. I’ve been very concerned to watch the negative changes happening to our beloved country. Please, please, don’t give up defending her and know that many prayers are being sent up daily on behalf of the U.S. I will keep claiming the promise from 2 Chron. that says, If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways THEN will I hear from heaven and will heal their land.” God Bless.

  • R J

    I have given most of life time to the GOOD OLD USA I have over 30 years in the Military. It REALLY HURTS TO SEE WHAT THE SOCIALEST ARD DOING TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY,It is good to see the people stand up to the BUMBS WE HAVE IN WASHINGTON D>C> We need to take them all out and put people in that know what AMERICA really is ABOUT.

  • I have not been able to do any of the Tea Parties, but I have been sending e-mails to our representatives. I pray that the Christians in the government will finally take a stand against these radicals that are taking our liberties from us. That they will stand up and shout if they have to in the sessions to show the liberals that they have finally had enough of their rough riding over everyone. Taking our hard earned money that we have earned and giving to the freeloaders. Obama is a joke. Can’t even give his speeches unless he has teleprompter. If he continues with his plans, all our SEVERICE MEN that our fighting for freedoms and the ones that have lost their lives will be fighting in vain because we will be just like all the other countries that have no freedom. These people that our with him think we can’t think for ourselves. We need to take courage and fight.

  • Mirek Szula

    AMERICA WAKE-UP I still believe in YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe republican

    That VICKI PHIPPS sounds like a complete nutcase.

  • Tom Fleming


  • Vicki Phipps –
    Aren’t you exhibiting the same type of ridiculous religious fanaticism that the Left has been trying to pin on the Right during the Bush years? What happened, Vicki? Has being a medieval obscurantist praying for your sovereign become a new cool thing on the Left these days? Or have you been clumsily trying to reconstruct the right-wing thinking and turn it against them while pretending to be a person of faith? Methinks your faith is as fake as Hillary’s southern accent.

  • L..Curtis Ziska

    Lets plan an annual recall ….. if not for our country then whose ?
    All in favor, be counted, and please let me know when we can all show up.
    NUTHIN BETTER then to let the double talkers know who runs this country. time for a real change of by and for the people …..

  • Rosemary Cooper

    I, along with so many others, am so thankful to all the people who took their time and money to attend this rally. Wish I could have been there. Thank you to the organizers as well. I was doing a thumbs up to so many of the pictures I saw, had a big grin on my face as I did it. The direction this country has been taking for so many years is very scary to me. I am afraid for my kids and grandkids. We all need to pray for our nation and make sure we keep up the fight to keep God in our country!!!

  • This makes me so very proud of America once again! I have cried (literally)for the last year on a regular basis only for America – and her Patriots. Thank You America I am smiling once again! The next Tea Party march on D.C. my family will be there if we have to walk!

  • J Henry


    “Shame on all of you who forgot how to hold onto hope or pray for faith. All I see from any of this or you is rude, crude and socially unacceptable Americans behaving in ways that disgrace the USA. IT’S A SHAME, but as for me, I choose to believe in the President’s good intention to do what benefits us all, because you see, I prayed that God would lead and guide him with God’s wisdom, and the fact remains that God promised me that when I ask and faithfuly believe, HE will provide that, and in fact, Obama will succeed…due to hope and faith..and in spite of fear based hate.”

    How unbelievably ignorant is that? I should allow others to control me merely because they have good intentions?

    The ROAD TO HELL is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS!

    2010 folks, it’s going to be here soon!


  • wayne pare

    Wish I could have been there.

  • Vicki Phipps

    Sorry, but as much as I believe in free speech, this looks a lot like fear based hate to me, not to mention a disgrace to the United States. Shame on all of you who forgot how to hold onto hope or pray for faith. All I see from any of this or you is rude, crude and socially unacceptable Americans behaving in ways that disgrace the USA. IT’S A SHAME, but as for me, I choose to believe in the President’s good intention to do what benefits us all, because you see, I prayed that God would lead and guide him with God’s wisdom, and the fact remains that God promised me that when I ask and faithfuly believe, HE will provide that, and in fact, Obama will succeed…due to hope and faith..and in spite of fear based hate. Your grass roots looks and smells more like grass poop to me.

    • Dan Mueller

      Vicki – I am amazed that you can’t see a difference between these people, who gathered peacefully, to express their desire for a redress of legitimate grievances, and the ultra lefties that riot and loot to make their point. These people are costumed as patriots, to remind us of our heritage, they are polite, but want to be heard, and they cleaned up after themselves.

      The only thing shameful about this protest, it that it still isn’t enough to make our government realize that they are our servants, not the other way around. And I place that shame where it belongs, on our corrupt and arrogant politicians, not the patriots in the images above.

      It is a right of every American to express their views, and the program Obama is trying to push through is anything but American. He wants to impose redistributionist, globalist, unamerican policies despite the majority of Americans clearly saying NO.

      I sincerely hope that Obama fails in his attempt to “change” America into a place that most Americans wouldn’t recognize, nor approve of. I pray daily that God forgives us our arrogance, and the mistake we made by electing this Marxist puppet. I also pray that my fellow kool-aid drinking Americans, like yourself, wake up before it’s too late.

    • Namvet66/67USMC

      Sorry you feel that way..

      You voted for Obama and just
      won’t admit you were fooled too,
      by all the smooth BS Obama
      said, the fact is, he is a Socialist
      and a poor Leader and He doesn’t like
      Peaceful Americans all marching United
      and expressing their Rights of Free
      Speech and Rights to be Free to Assemble!

      You still can pray to God, which is good
      it still is a Right too, but Obama may
      try to ban that next, so next time Wake
      Up and Vote Obama out in 2010!

      He will be Voted out as More Millions
      of Americans Wake up and get to be
      Born Again Americans and take America
      back in the Voting Booth and then once
      again it will be a Democracy!

    • GodBlessAmerica

      Reply to Vicki Phipps: It is embarrassing that you think every one should have your opinion. A civil protest is not hate. It is what America is based on. Do you discourage a good work ethic or not believe they everyone should work hard? Do you believe the original Woodstock was a disgrace? I am all for the President to succeed but not at our or our country’s expense. Do you want him to succeed at your expense? Then let’s just make him a “King” or better yet a “God”.

    • Dr Ralph Cramden

      Wow. Young lady, the only “fear” base is the fear that our United States is being shoved into a Marxist regime. That’s just FACT. What you see in the pictures is some of the finest Americans you will ever meet. Moms and Pops, old, young, Veterans, patriots. The election of a KNOWN Marxist is not the ONLY disgrace to the United States. A congress lead by the same type of people has been disgracing America even longer.
      Did you ever stop to think that your praying to God might be what sent us to DC? God told me that he will help those who help themselves. Your ignorance is only surpassed by your laziness to learn facts about your country and your politicians. I guess you didn’t really say, maybe you’re not an American. Don’t sound like one.

  • I’ve been to 3 tea parties so far and I’m so glad to see this movement growing. I think it’s helping to wake up more Americans to what is really going on in our government. I pray that more people will wake up from their complacency and stand against what our government is doing before they continue eroding away at our freedom. In God we Trust Not Government!!!

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