A lone photojournalist exposes the madness.

• Dissent Against Radical Leftist Obama is Patriotic

I met longtime Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris in Denver. He is doing political consulting work in the Ukraine and other countries that are struggling to build democracy. He understands what tyranny is, and was more than happy to hold a sign produced by thePeoplesCube.com.

Before you vote, read Morris’ book Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us … and What to Do About It.


My buddy Red, from The Peoples Cube, staged a one man protest in Denver. Being a refugee from the Soviet Union, he understands fascism when he sees it. Being a Joe the Plumber type guy, he is wary of reprisals from liberals in the new America Obama is creating. Obama does not let dissent go unpunished


He made some excellent points about socialism and the destruction of medical systems in Cuba, Canada and socialist countries worldwide. Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that Canada’s health care system is a violation of every Canadian’s human rights. As the chief justice, Beverley McLachlin, put it, “Access to a waiting list is not access to health care”


Red pointed out the stark contrast between the content of Obama’s character, and McCain’s. 


He summoned George Orwell to the anti-Obama cause.


Red displayed a laundry list of liberal sins. 


In 1929 some in the U.S. were enthralled, like much of Europe, with the new fascist ideology. Everyone should support the state and media should be controlled to that end. The Fairness Doctrine was enacted with that idea in mind and Democrats today are nostalgic for the good old days. Obama claims he does not support the idea, but Democrat leaders already have the legislation drawn up. Obama shows his true colors by throwing dissenting journalists off his plane.


Information about Obama’s relationships with known terrorists and their supporters is suppressed. “Pals around with terrorists” is dead-on accurate, and not just in reference to domestic terrorists like the Stalinist revolutionists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. The L.A. Times is just the tip of the iceberg. Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide support Obama.

Why Isn’t Obama Bothered by Terrorist Support?


FARC communist terrorists Endorse Obama


Churchill’s words are eternal. Vote against the left.


Sal Russo, longtime Ronald Reagan advisor, also gets it. Mr. Russo, like Dick Morris, has worked to help struggling democracies. Both Morris and Russo, although one is Democrat and one is Republican, understand the danger of the Fairness Doctrine in today’s America.

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9 comments to • Dissent Against Radical Leftist Obama is Patriotic

  • ronniedee

    Wow! Some of these comments are rather odd. Examples:

    “…redneck bible bashing talk radio or chat show hosts opinion…” Bible bashing is when someone tries to prove the Bible is not “real.” Rarely have I heard rednecks do any Bible bashing — I have heard many progressive democrats bashing the bible on talk radio and chat show hosts when giving their opinions — they are really Socialists, not rednecks.

    “You people need to wake up and read something other than a bible wrote by grey haired arabs many centures after christ had died.” I think this person means “written” and grey haired Arabs? Really, I thought the Bible was written by Hebrews, who are not Arabs, at least that is what any reputable researcher would tell you.

    “Obama loves America but is also willing to see its problems.” Really, Obama loves America? I guess thats why he is pushing an agenda that will “transform America” into the European model — or maybe the Chinese model — regardless, it is clear that a person who does not put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and refuses to wear an American flag on his lapel until forced to do so by his advisors to avoid being seen as anti-American really loves America. As far as fighting for America — Oh, sure, send less supplies and troops than requested, remove any mention of islamic or muslim from the National Defense plan, bow down to every leader in the world to show America is not the greatest nation in the world, and constantly apologize for America’s past interaction with these same people — I can see where this could be seen as love for America — NOT!

  • Poor Zach…if he can read he should read history a bit more…particularly a bit of political science. Fascism, from the label “fascista” the nickname of the National Socialist Workers party of Italy in the early 1900’s, competed with communism…it wasn’t the polar opposite.

    Benito Mussolini switched from the communist party to the National Socialist party in 1907, as he concluded that the Italian people would never give up their nationalist pride and follow an internationalist agenda. He chose the strongest of the socialist parties at the time…the fascistas. In America we referred to them as the Fascists, and they were quite popular among the leftist circles in the US. The young Mussolini, as he became more dominant, was immensely popular in American culture.

    By the time the second world war was coming to a close, socialists world wide realized they were on the wrong side of history. Thus, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany (the N.A.Z.I) and the Italian socialists (the Fascistas) were quickly and conveniently relabeled as “right wing” groups…the fact that both had competed with the communists for control of their governments made this switch seem believable to the uninformed. In reality they were socialists in every way…study their economic, legal, and cultural manipulations and control mechanisms. History speaks for itself.

    The Professor

  • the difference between fascism and communism is, communists make no pretense to private property

  • Cory

    Mr. Informed thinker has so many punctuation errors that I would call into question his assertion of “informed,” and maybe “thinker” as well. So, I’m working in an office in Chicago, and this guy has the nerve to call me a “redneck bible thumper?” Not so informed are you? We conservatives are everywhere. You liberals have to resort to name calling. All of us Conservatives are bigots, rednecks, Bible thumpers. Is that all you have. “Many centures after christ had died” again, Uniformed Stinker (that is fun!) you are incorrect. The last gospel was written 80 years after Christ died. We do read other things, like history. We know what happens when men like Obama gain power. Enjoy paying 8% more income tax for socialized medicine. That is, if you even make a paycheck.

  • Informed Thinker

    God you right wing nuts really are the most uninformed people on this planet, so ready to eat the sh*t spilt out not by real reports or facts but by what some redneck bible bashing talk radio or chat show hosts opinion tells you is truth. socialist, please are you all really that dumb to belive that what took 200 years and a civil war to creat can be completly broke changed and feed to the american peple in little under 4 years? do you really belive that the majority of the american people in a free and fair vote would elect such a man if even half the crap you claim where true. You can all thank your last hero president for not only the dems in power but a black dem president at that. Never in the next 300 year would the usa have been ready for a black president but with the bush goverment of the last 8 years i think donald duck would have got elected had he run… You people need to wake up and read something other than a bible wrote by grey haired arabs many centures after christ had died.

  • jAKE

    Ok Zach

    Glad you got your topsy turvy book out on the lefts translation of history.

    Keep drinking the Kool-aid and say hello to that bastian of your imaginary lovefest..CUBA

  • You seem to be mixing up communism and facism. They are polar opposites get that in your head. Being blindly patirotic is dumb. Obama loves America but is also willing to see its problems. He is not afraid to defend his country. He will fight in Afghanisant just not Iraq. George Orwell was a socialist his book simply satirize Stalin’s policies. He is shown to be pro-Trotsky in animal farm. Lastly, maybe Islamic countries will leave America alone if America starts being more tolerant and less imperialist.
    Oh and by the way, long live free health care!
    Viva Fidel
    Viva la revolution!

  • What great photos that truly explain what patriotism is not. Thank you for your work.

  • Ken E.

    I agree with you completely. Keep up The good work.

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