A lone photojournalist exposes the madness.

• Festival of Obama, October 26, 2008

Nine days before the 2008 Presidential election, the Obama campaign held a rally in Denver, a “blue” city in the important swing state of Colorado. Behind me, looking east towards the State Capitol, there were tens of thousands of people.


Civic Center Park: facing west, towards the stage.


Not only were there a lot more people than at the McCain rally two days earlier, but there were a lot more displays of veneration for the candidate.



It was a really nice late October day, so lots of families came to the large park in the center of downtown Denver.



OMG, is that a satanic ear plug? It’s the same size as his Obama button!


These fellows are T-shirt vendors from Denver, with one of the more tasteful products.



News flash: President Bush is not running for re-election, and will be out of office in January, 2009 no matter who wins this election. I did not see a single anti-McCain or anti-Palin T-shirt.


This van and trailer circled the area of the rally. I got the impression the driver would delight in the thought of Harry Ried as Robespierre, and the heads of Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, and Joe the Plumber getting real blood instead of red tape on the guillotine.


George Bush’s severed head fantasy. 


 “THE OLDEST OPERATING PRIIVATELY (sic) HELD NON PROFIT REFERRAL SERVICE IN COLORADO”. The Democratic Party has an army of lawyers lined up, to pursue an Obama victory. Note severed bloody heads impaled on stakes. 


Preparing for a law suit in case of a close vote. The Colorado Progressive Coalition seems to be similar to ACORN. They are urging people to flood the Colorado Secretary of State with phone calls. This guy claimed that the State has lost 10,000 mail- in ballots. 


This button was on sale at Obama’s rally, and the entire event had the feel of a 1960’s dope in the park reunion. The vendor used the term Chronic Bubonic “What, man? You ain’t heard of Chronic Bubonic? You must not come from Boulder.” Turns out this is a new term of affection for pot which refers to a disease carried by rodents. Medical marijuana? Bubonic plague? Whatever.



Howard Wooldridge is a former Police Detective who lobbies in Washington, D.C. for legalization of all drugs.


FREE IRAQ? What the heck do you think we’re doing over there?

And what are you thinking getting this T-shirt for your twelve year old little girl?



“There has never been anything false about hope.” Except false hope. 


If that ain’t racist, what is? Aging hippy peddling racist T-shirt to Obama supporters. What the hell are these people thinking? This is a horrible racist slur. My black friends don’t spend their time running from the police.


Whenever the verbal abuse got over the top, these cheerful guys just moved and set up elsewhere.


I saw a total of six people holding anti-Obama signs. Calm and cheerful was the modus operandi.




Jimmy Carter – Rebranding anti-semitism. 

At the bottom of this anti-Israel sign, is written: NO COAL IS CLEAN COAL. Pro-terrorist, anti-energy independence. Much has been written about an Obama presidency being a second Jimmy Carter term


Almost all of the speakers encouraged people to vote early. Here are supporters holding signs directing the large crowd to the Webb Building, which had been specially opened for Sunday voting because of the rally.

Election officials beefed up operations at the early voting site across the street from Civic Center in anticipation of a rush of voters attending the Barack Obama rally today.

City elections officials decided to add voting booths, staff and computers when they heard about the Obama visit.


Voters could drop off mail-in ballots. There were lots of staffed drop boxes available.


The early voting location was equipped to handle a large crowd. I stepped inside twice, and amazingly, I did not see a single voter. This shot was taken about twenty minutes after Obama had finished speaking and the rally ended. The young lady approaching security just wanted to use the restroom.


To the left, the front door of the Webb building, where early voting was available, after the rally ended.




Wangster for Obama.


More BDS at the BHO Rally.

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52 comments to • Festival of Obama, October 26, 2008

  • Robert Overstreet

    It is a disgrace for the left which voted Obama into office, to have promoted such Bush-bashing. Actually, now that the Arizona massacre has taken place, and we have seen the barbarious act of Jared, the 22-year old fellah, who caused such devastation at the Gabrielle meeting, we all need to get down to business and work together, in spite of our differences. Our country is the place for freedom fighters, but not people-bashers as these images depict. When will we ever learn that we live in a country where we have the liberty to express differing view, and not be arrested for doing so. The moment that ceases, our freedom will cease, and we, as a nation, will cease to exist as a bastion of liberty. May it never happen.

  • All of these people who are supporters of Obamma are like sheep who follow blindly. These have no brain………………….no patriotism, no guts to stand for their country of which is being torn apart and desintigrated by one man/beast who is not even a citizen of the USA.

  • logansafi

    I’m the dad of this girl with the donkey humping the elephant and bought her the t-shirt and she thought it was funny and it was. The tasteless aspect of it deserves a laugh.

    You Right Wingers are utterly humorless, you know? Besides you guys can’t seem to figure out that this is not a proDemocrat t-shirt at all. We are against the Iraq and Afghan occupations and protested these wars at both the DP and RP rallies that took place around Colorado. Better these 2 parties of brain dead Americans spend their time making love than blowing other peoples’ countries to shreds. A simple message delivered in a funny way. That’s what the t-shirt was really about.

    As to Democrats looking like freaks? They are dumb donkeys for sure but compared to the Republicans we saw at the Palin rallies? Well…. Many of those people truly were scary. No wonder so many of the Republican military gun nuts blow their heads off by accident and also by intent. A scary lot.

    Last, this Photographer can take a picture but can’t seem to actually see what’s in it. He’s kind of like many Americans who go abroad for years and yet remain entirely clueless about the cultures they spend time in. I feel sorry for you, Camera Man.

  • admin

    Gerold: What you call “the voting room” is actually the “Webb Building”. Lots of public buildings in Denver have security. Being a big-government libertarian for Obama, you wouldn’t actually be aware of current reality. We understand.
    From the Denver Post:

    ‘The rally drew a huge crowd, but after it broke up, few stopped at the Wellington Webb building, where about 50 voting booths waited.’

    “In Denver, the Webb Building is one of the busiest and most popular polling places, according to Clerk and Recorder Stephanie O’Malley. It’s so popular that it will be one of two locations in Denver to be open this Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for early voting.”
    “Few stopped to vote” is to obscure the fact that almost no one showed up.

  • gerold

    Nice propaganda site.

    Anybody else notice that the empty “voting” room had a metal detection security gate?

    I didn’t see any voting booths behind it.

    Probably an honest mistake.

    – gerold, libertarian for Obama

  • gdog

    you people crack me up, those are just some americans, a little different than ones we saw at the palin rallies-but not nearly as dangerous. the t-shirt is cute, remember animal planet?

  • AngelEm

    Thanks, BrianW for the comment on the ear plug. I was just scanning comments to see if someone had remarked on it. That guy is supporting a socialist, but he’s no satanist. The pentacle is nothing to be scared of. Really.

    The socialist, however….

  • these people do look like losers as someone stated above. And none of them look employed. And we wonder why they are waiting for the day that the democrats make good on their promise to “spread the wealth around”.

    Do you really think the government needs to take 50% of your money in order to “spread the wealth around” at some later date? If you do, let me shake your hand (while i have my hand in your pocket stealing your money). That is, after all, what democrats have been doing for years.

  • Randy

    I get a kick out of the Dutch guy saying he would vote for Alan Keyes. That’s who we had to vote for in Illinios against Obama 4 years ago. Only then we were not called racist because we did not vote for Obama as Keyes is an African American also, actually more so than Obama. I guess that means Obama supporters who did not vote for Keyes are racist.

  • Siddhartha Vicious

    MrsDi – The wealthy pay more now in taxes than ever before, period. “Tax cuts for the wealthiest’ was, is and will remain a lie told by the Democrats to justify raising taxes on everyone (as they always do).

    Barack does not know Adam smith from Adam.

  • Lexi Khan

    This is so hilarious. Hooray.

  • Barachem

    I’m a dutch citizen[that’s in Europe, a country where most people actually do root for Obama and rail against McCain and Bush], 31 years old, do a PhD in Physics, am christian who was previously an atheist.

    I can tell all of you people rooting for Obama, that he’s not the one, he’s not the messiah…
    However, Jesus is.

    If i were a U.S. citizen, i’d be voting for McCain.
    Not because he’s the best choice, as Alan Keyes [the candidate of the Independent Party] is the best choice, but the only viable and better alternative to Obama.
    Obama has enough ties to Ayers, Wright and other people to make him dismissible as visitor to or security of the White house or part of the secret service, let alone POTUS.
    Furthermore frightening is the enormous help and positiveness he gets from the mainstream media, while they’re very harsh and scrutinous on McCain and Palin.
    Also most of the international governments and most of those governments favor him, among them also radical muslims.
    Another sign is the fact that he gets called “the one”and “the messiah”.
    His lack of experience is relevant, as is his reluctance to decide on important decisions.
    Compared to that, Palin has more experience and more decisiveness, making her even more qualified as president on those points at least.
    He also is a master of shiftiness, changing and hopping from stances he had earlier and in such deceiving the masses.
    Another problem is the place he was born or supposedly was born, where he never provided a real birth certificate to show his legitimacy as a natural born U.S. citizen, but even if he can clear that, he still has to prove that he never lost his U.S. citizenship in the time he went to school in Indonesia.
    The voter fraud problems with ACORN are also not just unimportant incidences and there are enough connection between them and Obama.
    Most frightening is the fact that Obama is not just a socialist, but the most leftist senator in the senate and also a proponent of Marxism.

    Biden is also not really a good guy, but at least he ain’t no Obama.

    McCain has also some issues, but certainly not as many and as severe as Obama does.
    He did produce a birth certificate, he has experience, his stances are solid, he is clear.

    Palin the same, she’s got some issues, but is quite ok.

    I am not asking you pro-Obama voters to change your mind just over some info i gave you, as i might be just spouting off nonsense.
    But what i do want you to do is to research it yourself and keep digging until you do find the truth.
    Please stay open to it and research, skipping over the liberal sinkholes of so called “truth”, like Snopes [run by atheist liberals, of course pro-Obama], Factcheck [Annenberg foundation hosts it and they have considerable connections with Obama] and other simply reached “fact” displayers.
    True, you won’t like it to step out of your comfort zone and investigate whether Obama, who you favor, is who he says who he is or someone entirely else, someone who deceives the world.
    But it is necessary.
    This is not about McCain, Palin or Biden, this is about Obama and who he really is.
    If you have any sense of truthfulness in you, you will want to find out who Obama is.
    And no, i’m no racist, look at my favorite presidential candidate, Alan Keyes, who is a christian and black and who’d really try to change current U.S. politics and society.
    I wish we had someone like him in the Netherlands at the top of the state.

    I’ll leave you with this interview with Yuri Bezmenov from 1984 over communist takeover from within, which i deem very important to these times, because i believe that the U.S. is the last great free country in the world[I have no hope for the Netherlands anymore, as it is already socialistic to the core, its people already demoralized and waits to be converted into a communist or fascist state.], being overdemoralized and nearly finished with the destabilization[See the economic problems all over the world, but originating from the U.S.]: http://www.bafweb.com/2007/09/26/yuri-bezmenov-les-idiots-utiles-du-socialisme/

  • DJH

    I don’t recognize my country anymore. Unbelievable !!

  • MrsDi

    Adam Smith the father of modern Capitalism is the source of Barack Obama’s economic philosophy and incidentally the philosophy of our entire taxation structure:

    “It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more in proportion.”
    Adam Smith Book 5 of The Wealth of Nations

  • Obama has made promises totaling 1,000 billion dollars. The bailout will cost another 700 billion dollars. He is opposed to an expenditure freeze. How will he fund tax cuts?
    The fact is that if he is elected there will be no tax cuts. In typical Socialist fashion Obama will redistribute the wealth. He will tax businesses out of existence. In addition the middle income group will be bled dry to pay for welfare payments. Obamas beliefs are in tune with those of left wing Socialists in Europe.

  • Ted from Texas

    Damn, most of those people fit right in with Ayers. I think they could be cousins

  • dan valdes

    Those photos are awesome!! I am so thankful that the Republican fright machine is finally coming to a close. It’s time for the USA to be open, free, and full of liberty instead of engaging in torture, extraordinary rendition, suspension of habeas corpus, eavesdropping on citizens without warrant, sqeezing the middle class, outlawing and restricting personal liberties, marginalizing minorities and people on the edges of society, stuffing the pockets of fat cats and wall street hedge fund managers.

    It’s time for government to once again be accountable to the people.

    There is no KING of the USA.

  • Tammy

    The McCain rally would have been larger but most McCain supporters have JOBS. That’s why I missed Sarah Palin when she was in town , I was working to support myself and some welfare dead beat. Which looks to be a good portion of Obama supporters. You can bet these people won;t be sharing the wealth. They will only be taking and taking and taking. Right along side of the Socialist called Obama.

  • Thomas Malke

    You people seriously need to read up on how messed up Obama is.

  • yongoro

    From Hot Air, by Ed Morrissey

    … (A) mannequin has been outfitted to look like Palin — with glasses, a beehive wig and a red business suit — and is hanging from a noose outside a WeHo (West Hollywood, CA) residence. …

    [Chad] Morrisette said his display might be unacceptable any other month, but his subjects are fair game during the Halloween season. “It should be seen as art and it should be seen within the month of October. It is Halloween. It’s time to be scary. It’s time to be spooky,” Morrisette said.

    Notice he says “subjects” , plural, so who else is hanging there? Well, I don’t know who is, but I do know who isn’t.

    “I know if we had done it with Barack Obama, people would’ve probably thrown things through our windows,” Morrisette said.

    So, I see now. Silly me.



  • Tom

    OK, all that propaganda stuff being sold…how much of that is being claimed on their taxes?? Is it being reported as income to the unemployment office?? What about sales tax?? Will it be affected by Obamas tax increases??

    Questions that need to be asked…


  • Well, as long as they’re not ACTUALLY VOTING.

    And apparently, they aren’t. So we’re good.

  • BrianW

    Just to clarify that was not a “satanic ear plug” The guy is most likely a pagan of some sort ( wiccian or similar ) Remember pentacles have been around much longer than satanism. :)

  • mare

    Look, I’ve got to be honest, I would pay more to live in a gated community to get away from these people. Is this really America? They look, act and dress like losers. And what parent would let their kid wear the t- shirt of the ass and the elephant fornicating?

    Please good old fashioned middle America, please vote!

  • Oldbluesboy

    I was going to vote for the next to the worst candidate, McCain, but I may change my mind. With Obama, I can quit my job and wait for the wealth to be passed around. I am now a Socialist and I want my fair share of your money.

  • People like this make me wish I were a conservative.

  • mm

    Seriously, not a single voter? Are you saying that about 100,000 already did their early voting?

    Or mostly not?

    If it’s the later then perhaps they’re thinking Obama is already in the bag and they don’t need to vote.

    Great! 😛

  • “Satanic ear plug”?

    Truly, you have rooted out the evil before us. I stand in shuddering terror of the devils which are going to pour out of that man’s ear hole.

  • Jon

    God damn it I HATE HIPPIES!

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