A lone photojournalist exposes the madness.

• Barack’s Big Day, Part II

For the first time in American history a candidate for President ascended to the nomination in a Greek temple setting surrounded by 80,000 of the Obamboozled. The Party’s official button shows a RED STAR radiantly crowning OBAMA.


• Barack’s Big Day, Part I

Euphoria at Mile High Stadium.

Hope and faith plus zero substance combined to create a blissful atmosphere at Mile High Stadium in Denver. A wonderful opportunity to photograph the freest, luckiest, healthiest, happiest people in the world. I’ve decided on a Norman Rockwell approach to this event. America on Cloud Nine.

• Al-Jazeera welcomed by liberals, protested by conservatives

Al Jazeera English broadcast today from the Buffalo Rose, an Old West biker bar in downtown Golden, a small city near Denver.

Golden is a charming place. Clear Creek runs through it, and supplies the gigantic Coors Brewery with the water it turns into Colorado’s most famous beer. Golden is also […]

• Shaking the Freedom Cage

After the Michelle Malkin – Alex Jones incident, I was eager for some peace and quiet. So I decided to check out the Denver Free Speech Cage with my friend, Red from the Peoples Cube. It was set up by Mayor Hinkenlooper after months of tortured debate in the halls of government, the courts, […]

• Seen at the DNC, Monday, Aug. 25

Between the temple of Iranian bliss and the Shaking of the Mint where Michelle Malkin was mobbed, here are some other scenes I ran into today. A young girl with Tear It Down.org, a mock Guantanamo cell in Cuernavaca Park. Amnesty International was involved with this display as well. Oddly there were no mock gallows […]

• Iranian Potemkin Village at DNC

At Denver Civic Center, an exhibit called PICTURES OF YOU, a veritable Potemkin Village of how wonderful life is in Iran. Views from inside and outside Iranian propaganda tent.

View of mullah semi-transparent screen with Colorado State Capitol in background.


• Michelle Malkin Stalked and Threatened by 9/11 Truther, Mobbed by Media

Michelle Malkin gets the same treatment as other Fox News reporters got on Sunday. The people who are taking to the streets of Denver are NOT about to allow people with views they don’t agree with to walk around in peace.

Mark Cohen of Recreate 68 leads the Shake Your Mint event. “It’s time […]

• DNC, 2008 Denver End the Occupation March and Reclaim the Streets Party


The banner behind the speakers at the Recreate 68 End the Occupation event. Cindy Sheehan, Ward Churchill, Cynthia McKinney, and other sordid characters spoke in front of this banner on Sunday morning before the march left the Capital for the Pepsi Center at noon. When Recreate 68 whined because they didn’t get the park […]

• American Victory Coalition Rally at DNC, Denver

On Sunday, Aug. 24th. during the anti-war rally at the DNC, across the street about 100 patriots assembled in support of our troops and their mission. Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission, and Vets for Freedom participated in the event. The anti-war protest across the street fizzled. They said 50,000 would be there: […]